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Why Singer Davido Unfollowed His Cousin Sina Rambo On Social Media

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David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, unfollowed Sina Rambo due to a leaked private social media chat.

Earlier, Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law had lashed out on social media about Davido’s alleged threat to her daughter, Korth, for attacking Chioma.

Recall that trouble started after Korth shaded Chioma when someone scolded her online to learn how to keep silent like Davido’s wife following a rift with her husband.

Korth responded to the troll who implied that Davido and Chioma’s relationship was not perfect by saying that the latter was going through difficult times.

Seeking out Korth’s mother on social media, OBO, according to screenshots obtained, voiced anger with the call out and questioned why Chioma would be discussed publicly at a time when she is mourning her son.

The DMW Label Owner also warned Korth of repercussions for bringing up Chioma’s name during her most vulnerable period.

Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law cries out over Davido’s ploy to deal with Korth

Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law responded to Davido’s message by crying out on her Instagram page about the threat.

She asserted that if anything were to happen to her daughter Korth, Davido should be held accountable.

While explaining why she had called Davido out online, Korth’s mother disclosed that the musician had been chatting with Sina Rambo, who had sent the private chat to her older brother before it reached her.

She wrote: 

“I and my daughter do not have any problems with Davido and his wife. I’d like to know when my daughter mentioned Chioma in any of her posts in a negative way. And why will Davido in his chat with Sina Rambo yesterday make him say he will deal with Sina’s wife who is my daughter? That is a threat to my daughter and I won’t keep quiet.”

Davido, who appeared upset with the situation, unfollowed his cousin on the video and photo-sharing app Instagram.

However, Sina Rambo continues to follow Davido.

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