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“Mind Yiur Business”- Vee Tells Fans After Breakup With Neo. See 5 Other Ships That Started In Biggie’s House

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Famous Ex-BBNaija housemates, Victoria Adeleye, popularly known as Vee and Neo Akpofure, made it to the end of the show as the 4th and 3rd runner up consecutively. They both met in the BBNaija house, season 5 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show in 2020. The duo started a relationship in the house, when Neo gave up his clothes and BB Naira for a bouquet of roses and a greeting card for Vee.

The Neo and Vee ship continued even after leaving the house, as they were always spotted together at public events. During Vee’s birthday in 2021, the Warri-born reality TV star, Neo went all the way as he took her and some friends on a boat cruise.

Following, Vee opened up about her relationship with Neo after the show ended. However, when Neo was asked about the possibility of a future with Vee, Neo said:

“I don’t rush into anything and if I have to go into a relationship the next time, it has to be sound and strong. I’m going to keep my plans for the future broad.”

However, the rumours that their relationship had hit the end of the road started late in 2021. Vee, on her Twitter post on a Friday night, February 25th, 2022 reveals she’s single. She posts an adorable picture of herself as she captions it, “Soft and single,”

However, a few weeks after Vee reacts via an Instagram video to the rumours about their split, she says;

“Mind your f#cking business. When I got home were you here with me. Are you here with me? Do you shower with me? Do you sl**p with me? I have never come on social media to announce my personal life and it is never going to happen now,” 

“So my advice is to mind your f#cking business. If everybody minds their fu#cking business, everybody will be living smoothly. Now here you are disturbing yourself in my DMs.”

Recently, the reality TV star, Vee dished out relationship advice to her followers, as she confirmed her breakup with ex-lover, Neo a few months ago.

She further advises her followers to hold on to their significant other as there is nothing good out there.

The reality TV star tweets; “Omo. Nothing dey street mehn, when you find your person, hold on tight.”

Beyond Neo and Vee ship as Ex-BBNaija housemates, there are other Ex-BBNaija housemates who started their relationship in the house and continued even after the show. Although, some ships have hit the rock while a few ended in marriage, see 5 others below;

1. Bambam and Teddy A

Big Brother Naija reality TV show season 3 “Double Wahala” which held in 2018 brought strangers together and at the end of the show, some made friends and apparently others met life partners.

Tope Badman Teddy popularly known as “Teddy A” and Oluwabamike Olawunmi popularly known as “Bambam” met in the Big Brother house. Interestingly, Big Brother paired both Bambam and Teddy A as a team called, ‘BamTeddy’ in the BBNaija show. They both started their relationship in the house and continued after the house.

One of the highlights of their relationship in the BBNaija house happened when Bambam was evicted from the show, and Teddy A was seen tearing up because of that. However, Teddy A was relieved when he was evicted from the show the next day.

In 2019, the duo got engaged as it was announced by Bambam on her Instagram page. The couple has enjoyed a considerably bliss relationship, as Bam Bam gave some insight into their relationship and its complexities during the BBnaija reunion show. BamBam told fellow ex-housemates and host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that they genuinely love each other and this has kept them stronger.

BamTeddy went down memory lane, digging out details from the budding moments of their relationship, revealing how judging each other’s personalities almost ruined it.

BamBam says… “I was just scared of the unknown. I judged him. Like I always said, I judged the book by the cover.”

They shared a strong connection even though Teddy A had a one-year relationship with his baby mama before coming for the show. However, up till date they are presently happily married, as they welcomed their first child and daughter on March, 5th 2020.

2. Sheggz and Bella Okaygbue

The BBNaija show season 7 in 2022 was tagged, “Level up”. The BBNaija housemates, Sheggz and Bella Okaygbue had a thing during the reality TV show before Sheggz started strangely, in a manipulative and toxic way. However, that didn’t stop Bella from being close to him, before he was finally evicted from the show.

After the BBNaija show, Bella stated that she was undecided about continuing her relationship with Sheggz outside of the house as she was unsure about their relationship. She plans on concentrating her efforts in building her brand.

Sheggz, on the other hand, expressed difficulty coping with Bella’s absence and publicly declared that his intentions were genuine, despite public opinion about their relationship.

After weeks of arguing, the lovebirds appear to have settled their differences, as they were spotted together for the first time at a public event. Their fans, who wanted them back together, were ecstatic when they saw the photos.

3. Khafi and Gedoni

Famous, Khafi and Gedoni started a ship in the BBNaija house season 4 ‘Pepper Dem’ Edition in 2019.

During the show, The lovebirds had fans and viewers talking about them due to their sexual display in the house and while many speculated that their romance would end after the show, they are proving detractors wrong.

Recalling that while on the show, Khafi who is a Metropolitan police officer in the UK was trailed with the controversy that she did not take appropriate permission from her superiors before appearing on the reality show. It was reported by several media outlets that she would face a disciplinary event upon her return to the UK and may even lose her job.

Khafi admitted in the show that her relationship with Gedoni made her lose focus in the BBNaija realty TV show. She mentioned this during her dairy session with Big Brother.

Gedoni’s actions in the house stirred reactions from fans and viewers as some accused him of playing with Khafi’s feelings as he was also having a thing with another female Ex-BBNaija housemate Venita, while others attacked Venita, describing her relationship with Gedoni as a strategy.

However, after the show, the duo continued their relationship as they got engaged in December, 2019, as Khafi described her engagement as a Christmas gift. They got married in December 2020. The couple are happily married with two children till date.

4. Liquorose and Emmanuel

Ex-BBNaija housemates, Roseline Afije aka Liquorose who is also a dancer and Emmanuel Omoh bonded during the BBNaija reality TV show season 7 in 2022, tagged ‘Shine ya Eye’ edition.

According to the reality TV stars, they only started dating after the show ended. However, the relationship was only for a while as they both went their separate ways on the account that Emmanuel cheated on her while they were in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She claimed that she walked in on him and another lady in a hotel room.

However, Emmanuel denied any affair with the lady he was seen with. According to him, he claimed that he was only meeting an old friend and he allegedly slept off while he was conversing with the lady, before Liquorose came in.

In Liquorose’s report of the event, she said, “The light was off, music was playing and the girl was sitting at the edge of the bed, which was rough. She also covered her face with a mask.”

Responding to his former lover, Emmanuel said, “Meeting a friend after a long time should not be a problem.”

5. khloe and Kbrule

Famous Ex-BBNaija housemates, Khloe and Kbrule of the realty TV show, Big Brother Naija season 2 in 2018 had an affair.

However, Kbrule revealed that they were romantically involved before they came to BBNaija house. He stated this during an interview on Channels TV show, Rubbin Mind.

According to Kbrule, the relationship ended after he told Khloe that they should ‘slow down’. Recall that both housemates were disqualified from Big Brother house for breaking the house rules. However, Khloe was voted back a week later.

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