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Mr Ibu Abandons Wife, Family And Fully Goes For His Side Chick

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If there is anything most Africans will agree to, it is that talented comic actor John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, is not only Nigeria’s but Africa’s national treasure and the legend who brightened many people’s day with laughter. Sadly in a very shocking twist into his real life on February 3, 2023, the veteran Nollywood actor got everyone worried after his 2nd wife, Stella Maris Okafor, cried out on social media, telling the world how her husband has been maltreating her. The actor’s wife, known as The Real Iburess, shared a shocking video of Mr Ibu manhandling her in their house as he questioned her sternly. But despite what she’s going through, the actor’s wife said he abandoned her and the kids and went to live with his girlfriend, Jasmine, whom she said is posing as his adopted daughter on social media.

Mr Ibu’s second wife went on to say that the actor is suffering from memory problems, and Jasmine is taking advantage of the situation to control and manipulate the actor against his family. As if the drama could get any worse, Mr Ibu, Jasmine, and two of the actor’s eldest sons came on Instagram live with Daddy Freeze, where they all accused his wife of being the architect of the problem. They jointly claimed she has been an uncaring wife and is only with the popular veteran actor for money, not because she loves and wants to care for him.

Also, they all countered Stella Okafor’s assertions that Jasmine is the actor’s girlfriend, confirming he adopted the social media influencer from a very young age. This has now left Nigerians confused and asking. Who is manipulating who? Who is the real victim here, Mr Ibu or his wife? #MrIbu #MrIbuJohnOkafor #MrIbuLifestyle #MrIbuFamily

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