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Toyin Lawani Celebrates Birthday! See A Month’s Worth Of Creative Fashion Styles From Tianah Empire

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Toyin Ajoke Muyinat Lawani-Adebayo, aka Toyin Lawani is one of Nigeria’s Ace Celebrity Fashion Mogul, Author, Philanthropists and Serial Entrepreneurs who runs 33 businesses under her wing at Tiannahs Place Empire.

Tiannah’s Empire is a reality television show that focuses on her life, as it is produced and distributed by EbonyLife Studio. She also features in the TV show, The Real Housewives of Lagos, released on Showmax in 2022.

The Celebrity Fashion Mogul is popularly known for the creative and exceptional fashion styles she innovates. In the month of February 2023, Toyin Lawani releases several posts of Tiannah’s Empire new fashion styles.

1. Toyin Lawani has been keeping fans on their toes since February, 2023 as they anticipate a new fashion style in celebration of her birthday on 1st March, 2023. The Fashion Mogul, Toyin Lawani celebrates her birthday on Wednesday, 1st March 2023, as she turns 41. She shares some dramatic looks in classic Tiannah’s style.

For her first look, she rocks a mini dress heavily embellished. The sleeves have feather details and the petal-designed flounce is covered in white face masks. She finishes off the look with a crystal-like headpiece and white boots.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

She writes; “Always a transformer with the Transformer Queen March Babies where are you, let me see your hands ups Its all About #kof41″

Fans however react to the post. @beyinbony_ “We are fully here….. Scatter our eyes with ur creative act o….. Nigeria problem don make me forget say them born me for March o…”

@sanify_“Make sure any of the wear you worn now you pined your name in it. Before we go dey see am for bafta of golden globes awards”


2. Toyin Lawani rocks a second look for her birthday celebration photoshoot, as she shares it on her Instagram page. She rocks a dress designed like a locally welded pot with multiple spoons at the burst area of the dress. For headwear, she wears a pot-like headpiece which has an inscription of ‘king‘ on it.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans react to the dramatic looks she shares on her posts. @sarah_babe_young_ “This woman should be designing dresses for the met gala and Grammys, Nigerians do not see and appreciate her work enough, this is outstanding”

@xelazoey_ “Happiest birthday!!😭❤️😭 ❤️How on earth do you fit into all that beautiful metal tho🔥🔥🔥”


3. Toyin Lawani is not done yet with posting fashion styles for the month of February, as she goes to share her fourth look for her birthday celebration. In the post, she rocks an elegant dress 4 in 1 outfit, which has a bogus flare wrap, a flared skirt, a trouser and shorts in one. At the shoulder level of the dress, she places skulls on both sides as well as on her head in between a circle as her hairstyle.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

See online reactions on her comment section; @j_ose_y_“The description and the concept behind the masterpiece is to enable wearing of different styles in one dress at lesser cost (classy, royalty, bby girl style, perfect for different occasions)”

@i.am_heiriri_18_ “The thing is u getting extraordinaire every single day it getting hurter I love all your work🔥❤️”


4. A few days before her birthday, The Famous International Fashion Mogul, Toyin Lawani, floods her Instagram page with new fashion styles from Tiannah’s Empire as she rocks them. This time, she rocks a floral white elegant outfit. The arm is puffed up while the waist of the dress is styled in the form of an extension like a tray, while the back hem of the dress has a long tail.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans react as she serves her fashion looks @chinny_amo_ “You look stunning, always waiting for your birthday collections every year❤️”

@harinhollarfunworld_ “I no say you go shock our eye with another style for ur birthday this year, fashion wizard, u be my mentor and motivator, more talent and strength to create more”


5. While in anticipation of her birthday, Toyin Lawani shares another dramatic and shocking fashion style by her Fashion brand, Tiannah’s Empire, as usual. This time, Toyin Lawani rocks an outfit engraved with snail shells. It’s a short flare gown made with snail shells alongside a fascinator that has snail shells fixed on it.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans react as they are surprised by Toyin Lawani’s hilarious creativity @getchyjuliebae_ “U fit use car tyre. What KOF cannot do does not exist”

@i_am_bobby117_ “My question is this simple. How long did this creativity take”

@yaksmimi _“This is beautiful but will all this shells not break if you sit?”


6. Toyin Lawani shares another fashion style by her Fashion brand, Tiannah’s Empire as she rocks a long flowing, elegant skirt. However, she is not putting on anything from her waist upward, but she there is a small golden material used to cover the nipple of her burst. She goes on to grace her outfit with gold accessories giving off “celestial” looks.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

However, fans are unable to react to the fashion look as Toyin Lawani switches off the comment section.


7. Toyin Lawani surprises fans with her new fashion style, as she dresses in guard’s outfit. She is seen wearing a gold tummy belt, cape, and neckpiece, and holding arrows alongside crown designed with chicken leg bones. She writes, “It’s the chicken Bone crown for me”

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

As usual, fans react as they are elated by her outfit; @ogecharmy_😂😂 I didn’t notice till I read the caption…. FASHION GODDESS 🔥”

@dereal_chizzy_ “I must get clothes made from u someday 😍u are the best in creativity KOF”

@the_girl_tayo_ “Fashion goddess herself 🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽”

8. In celebration of Fashion Mogul, Toyin Lawani’s birthday, she shares another fashion look. Toyin shares a scary and dramatic look on her Instagram page as she is seen wearing an outfit that has the animal snake engraved all around. It’s no different from calling it a snake-like outfit. She writes;

“Try me and you will get Serving look 5 You likeeeee??”

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans react to the dramatic and jaw-dropping look by Tiannah’s Empire fashion styling; @iam_nkay_muse_ “No matter the amount I can never wear this costume….my mind no reach there”

@tessy5114_ “No for me ooo I don’t like this concept biko is just too of for me”


@i_am_azubuike_ “When these snakes will come after you for night ehh you go know. You get mind sha”

9. The international fashion icon, Toyin Lawani is popularly known for her dramatic and extra kind of fashion styles. She is at it again as he shares a new one on her Instagram page, as she dresses a red and black outfit that has a devilish face head and large stretched horns.

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans who are used to her dramatic looks react; @mizz_shanono_ “A bonifide fashion goddess“😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍”

@oghenekewenelson_ “❤️🔥 this is amazing😍 I so much love💗”


10. The Famous Fashion Mogul shares a photos of her in a simple outfit. She is seen wearing a short skirt and bikini top bra alongside a jacket and bandana. In other slides, she rocks a secondary school uniform. She write; “can I be your naughty girl”

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A post shared by Tiannah Styling (@tiannahsplacempire)

Fans react to her post @bellaokagbue _“Yes you can ❤️😍”

@janemichaelekanem _“Ha! This naughty girl is wounding my eyes😍🔥”

@tifeh_22 _“Eleyi nasty o😍😍”



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