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‘There’s No Devil Fighting Us, Africa is Not A Third-world Nation, Men are Clueless, Cowardly & Weak! -Says ToniaAmaka

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At 62 Nigeria have nothing for her children nor grandchildren!

This here is an abomination honestly and that’s because men have been thinking with their gentile. I’m out to wake them up! Every morning you wake up as an African man to wee, as you hold your penis ask yourself if your offspring can survive if anything happens to you and if yes, they can survive, look around those around them. if what you’re leaving will be stolen from them and if yes. it means that your offspring are not completely safe.

It isn’t enough to focus on bearing children in the North, south, east and west without making adequate provisions. African youth are not RUDE nor irresponsible. Rather, WE parents have failed them and believe it or not once you start to embrace every helpless child as yours then this reality will sink in. It breaks my heart at how cowardly MEN are and it is this their insecurity that has made them embrace the insult that Africa is a third world nation, when in reality Africa is the wealthiest continent on earth.

Being responsible men is the courage, strength, confidence and boldness to say NO to bullshit. If men had stood up to challenge their fellow oyibo man when he opened his mouth to call Africa a sheet hole country we would have succeeded in taking back our glory as the wealthiest continent on earth, rather, men are happy to deny their roots and claim Abrahamic blessing which is robbery.

Believe it or not, abundance has been paid for over two thousand years ago. Meaning that everyone is at liberty to water their own roots to grow because it is what you water that lives and blooms and blossoms not what we deserted.

Only WOMBMEN can create abundance. We can go to build the WHOLE Of Africa TOGETHER because we can and we’ve been insulted enough not to. This MUST happen because we can afford it. Africans are NOT descendants of Abraham. Abrahamic blessing isn’t ours.

This World is our HOME and home is where everyone should be respected and prosper because there’s enough space for everyone to create SOMETHING unique to them. Just as there’s enough space for everyone to stand that’s why it has become stupid to romance insults from humans born of women.

Consciously and unconsciously start saying NO to POVERTY and unapologetically disconnect from those who are embracing poverty as their own reality if poverty isn’t your reality. Our reality isn’t universal.

Upgrade your thinking mentality and get creative with your mind speaking what you want to see, feel and know because everything, we’re seeing today started with someone’s THOUGHTS, IMAGINATIONS, and SPOKEN WORDS.

There’s no any devil fighting us. Africa is not a third-world nation rather men are clueless, cowardly, weak, and stupid not to fight for their offspring.

They completely forgot that their penis can actually do much more than they have done and I’m here to pull their genitals and balls to wake up their other senses they haven’t been using.

Author: Toniaamaka Toniaamaka

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