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“I Left My Wife 10 Days After The Birth Of Our Second Daughter” – Justin Dean Expresses Bitterness And 10 More Painful Things That Made Korra Obidi To Reject Even $20k If Offered To Go Back To Him

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It has been a year since Nigerian singing, and dancing princess Korra Obidi’s marriage to American-born chiropractor Justin Dean ended. Sadly, the couple are still not on good terms, co-parenting in peace, forgiving each other or moving on amicably. Despite the bitter divorce and the drama that continues to unfold, many of Korra’s Nigerian fans have been asking her to forgive and, if possible, take her husband back, but it looks like this is not an option for Korra as the physical and mental wounds her ex- husband inflicted on her life are still very much fresh.

Korra Obidi has also vowed that she would never go back to her ex-husband, Justine Dean. According to the all-round entertainer during a Facebook live with fans back on September 8, 2022, said no amount of counselling, reconciliation effort or cyberbullying can ever save her marriage, even if she’s offered 20 thousand dollars. “Even if you give me $20,000, I am not going back to my ex-husband. Divorce is not easy, but I am not suffering. If you are in an abusive relationship. Leave” the beautiful mother-of-2 said. It’s no secret that Justine Dean has been going around saying he made Korra who she is today, and she’s nothing without him. But the US-based singer, who has been living her best life since her separation and divorce, told him that he’s not her creator and despite denting her image, she will make it.

But surely, this is not the only reason why the Beautiful Deltan Princess would not forgive her ex for all the trauma he put her through the past one year. There is still more. Stay back as we go over the top 11 reasons why Korra Obidi is done and dusted with her estranged husband, Justin Dean and would never dream of returning to him.



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