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MC Oluoma Threat To Human Right Shows That Nigeria Police Force Is Not Working For The Unity Of The Country But For Politicians

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Popular social media relator and social commentator, Nsimah has reacted to popular area boy MC Oluomo’s threat to Lagosians who are not voting for APC.
In the viral video, Oluomo said: “Iya Chukwudi, if you know you no wan vote for us, siddon for your home o”. as he threatened Lagosians about Saturday’s governorship and the house of assembly election.

Reacting Oge Nsimah said:

“We do not have a stable rule of law in this country because law enforcement agencies, like the Police, have failed to discharge their duties without comprise, fear and favour.

MC Oluomo trending video is a threat to human rights, a threat to free and fair elections, a threat to the peace and tranquillity of lagosian but

Nigeria Police Force is not working for the unity of this country but for politicians, if they are, They should have been arrested and faced the law.

In saner climes, the police’s greatest joy in to track, arresting and prosecuting lawbreakers,

But in Nigeria, lawbreakers are being treated with kid gloves by law enforcement agencies while they show innocent citizens shege banza .This is a shame to the police force, they need us to beg them before discharging their duties.

Watch The Video Here
Oge Nsimah
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