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Korra Obidi Grows Anxious As She Breaks The Court Rule By Accidentally Capturing Her Daughter’s Face On An Instagram Live session

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Nigerian-American dancer and singer Korra Obidi seems to have gotten herself into trouble as she breaks a court rule.

The mother of two, during an Instagram live session with her fans, mistakenly captured her first daughter, June.

In the video, Korra, who was sitting on the floor, was engaging with her fans when her daughter walked up, calling for her attention.

The entertainer quickly took down her camera; unfortunately, her daughter’s face had shown on screen.

The new author, however, could be heard reprimanding her daughter as she shifted the camera away from her.


The video has since created a stir online and has left social media users divided. While others slammed her for breaking the rules, others prayed for her ex-husband not to use it against her.

One MC banny wrote, “She should be careful, else she will loose custody of the kids

One Mother of nation wrote, “My god, please don’t let this lady loose the custody of her kids

One Call me hey weezy wrote, “It’s just a mistake, and trust me it will still happen again. I said it the other day say na she go feel am pass. She has the kids most times

One Jagaban YouTube wrote, “She will put herself in trouble

One MC banny wrote, “Must she do video when the kids are there?

One Oyin Lagos wrote, “She’s a stubborn girl and her life is incomplete without the social media. Simple as abc.

A court banned Korra Obidi and her ex-husband Justin Dean from posting their children on social media.

Days ago, a court in California, United States of America, barred Korra Obidi and Justin from posting visuals of their children on social media.

With the couple’s custody battle getting messier by the day, the court had issued them a stern warning to avoid posting their two kids, June and Athena, on social media.

According to the court order, the former couple is forbidden to post any videos, photos, or live-stream their children on any social media platform.

To add to it, they aren’t allowed to videotape or live-stream any interaction between the parties in the matter until further court order. Read more here.

Justin announced in March 2022 that he was divorcing Korra, just days after she welcomed their second child.

Their divorce was finalized in November 2022, and the estranged couple were given joint custody of their kids. However, Justin Dean has been trying all means to gain full custody of his kids, as he considers Korra unfit to raise a child.

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