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Yul Edochie Shares How He Romantically Praises and Worships God With His Second Wife, Judy Austin

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has shared a video of himself and his second wife, Judy Austin, in a praise and worship session.

Taking to his Facebook page, the son of Pete Edochie encouraged his fans and followers to start their day with God.

Sharing a video of himself and his wife praising God, he encouraged his fans to follow in their footsteps.

According to him, doing this would bring overflowing blessings.

“Start your day like this, and blessings will overflow in your life. Yul Edochie, Judy Austin”.


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Judy Austin finally breaks Her silence.

Early this month, Judy Austin was in a grateful mood as she finally spoke out on her trials as actor Yul Edochie’s second wife.

In a video that made the rounds on the internet, the upcoming actress was seen being emotional as she spoke about God’s love for her.

Judy Austin quoted the popular saying, ‘It’s he who wears the shoe that knows exactly where it pinches’.

Judy affirmed that God loves her so much as she recounted how he saved her during her childbirth. According to her, he came through for her when all hopes were lost.

“I don’t know where to start from, God loves me so much. I know it might sound strange to a lot of people but God loves me so much. I don’t know if he loves everyone as much as he loves me……..”.

Judy Austin tells haters as she addresses their criticisms

In a follow-up post, Judy Austin sent a message to her haters and critics.

In a Facebook video posted online by her husband, Yul Edochie, Judy appreciated her critics and haters for their insults and curses.

According to the actress, their insults and curses are the reason why God is blessing her, as they don’t know the real her.

Without their curses, she stated that she wouldn’t have come this far in life, so she is making it a duty to thank them for trolling her every day.

Unlike them, she doesn’t harbour any ill feelings toward them and loves them wholeheartedly.

Judy also expressed gratitude to her fans and friends for standing by her during her tough times and for defending her without knowing her personally.



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