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“Ghosts Only Appear In Movies” Deleted Video Of Sam Larry Hours Before Mohbad’s Death Surfaces, Netizens React

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Nigerians have exhumed a video that was posted by the controversial socialite and associate of Naira Marley, Sam Larry, just hours before the tragic passing of the famous singer, Mohbad.

The video, now circulating on social media, captures Sam Larry speaking about ghosts and asserting that they hold no sway over the living.

According to Larry, the notion of ghosts seeking vengeance on those they believe took their lives is a fictional construct reserved solely for the realm of movies and not applicable to real-life situations.

Speaking in Yoruba, he emphasized that once an action has been committed, it cannot be undone, and in reality, ghosts do not manifest to exact revenge or harm the living.

In a translated version, he said:

“When the deed has done it has been done. It’s only in film a ghost appears to kill or defeat. So do not respond to anyone who can’t face you in real life. Leave social media for them!”

Watch the video below:

The video was reportedly deleted a few moments after he shared it.

The clip has triggered outrage from netizens who read meaning into his powerful assertion.

One sabitalk1 wrote:“Hand go touch you and naira no worry, if government can’t do anything, the judgement of the Lord is upon you and every members of your family in Jesus name Amen 🙏”

kingbaileymo wrote: “Wait oo, I nor understand this una Lagos shall, come be like some people na gods for there! If we talk say Edo nor be Lagos una go dey talk anyhow, this kind person for Benin na one small baby bird go used am shine ✨, e mind go dey”

uniqueplies_studdard wrote:“You will mourn over ur children too if God is still God 😡🙏.”

__bee_starh wrote: “Na all this Werey egbon Dey bring shame to Yoruba people.”

hightunesbb wrote: “The audacity !!!!!The fact that he is even smiling because you are in this lawless country?”

“Sam Larry has escaped to Kenya” Street Dancer Incredible Noble reveals

The infamous character at the center of the Mohbad assault situation, Sam Larry, has apparently departed Nigeria, according to a recent revelation by street dancer Incredible Noble.

He asserted that Naira Marley’s aide was now in Kenya. This occurs as further videos and other proof of his assault on Mohbad keep popping up.

An upsetting video that showed Mohbad being harassed and assaulted set off the episode that has shaken the music business.

The video showed a distressing scene in which Mohbad and his colleague, artist Zlatan, looked to be sitting in a wheelchair at the location of a movie.

Sam Larry can be seen attacking Mohbad in the video from behind before Zlatan steps in to stop the fight.

Fans and the general public were extremely upset by the tragedy and demanded accountability and justice.

An online post that claimed the late Mohbad had complained to the Nigerian police about Sam Larry has further complicated the case.

The June 2023 petition was filed in response to the abuse and harassment Mohbad endured while making a music video with Zlatan Ibile.

According to reports from yesterday, Sam Larry had been detained in relation to the assault. Later police reports made it clear that he had been asked to be questioned but hadn’t yet been detained.

This was boldly stated by the spokesperson for the Lagos Annex of the FCID, Oluniyi Ogundeyi.

He stated that the report was false and a complete lie. He emphasized that no one had been arrested.
“The police did not arrest Naira Marley or Sam Larry,”

Amidst these ongoing developments, street dancer Incredible Noble’s revelation that Sam Larry has left Nigeria for Kenya raises further questions and concerns among netizens.

The sudden departure of Sam Larry, if true, could complicate ongoing investigations and discussions surrounding the incident.



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