“Abeg You Do Ritual” Peep How Zfancy Discharged Lord Lamba After He Questioned Him About His Ritual Rumor

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    Nigerian prankster Zion Ubani, aka Zfancy, has finally spoken up about the ritualist allegations trailing him.

    Recall how a lady on Instagram, Sekyen Ariya, aka Seky_Posh, claimed that the prankster was a ritualist after she had an encounter with him.

    Days after Seky’s allegations made the rounds and gained momentum online, Zfancy finally addressed the issue.

    The prankster was on an Instagram live session with his content creator colleague, Lord Lamba, who asked him if he was indeed a ritualist. Lamba said: “Abeg you do ritual abi you no do ritual?” 

    Following Lord Lamba’s question during the Instagram live session, Zfancy lost his cool and proceeded to curse out his colleague and the other people peddling claims of him being a ritualist. He said: “Bro which kain useless question be that one nau? All through the times wey you don know me for this life, you don ever see… no dey ask me useless questions. I brought you here because I feel that you have something important to say, like you get reasonable thing wey you want talk. So far so good, e be like say na nonsense you sef carry for mouth. All of una dey craze, I no go lie you. In fact all of una wey dey call me dey ask all these stupid questions, make I tell una one thing, I no go talk too much, you guys should stop calling me and be asking useless questions. All of una dey mad! Who be ritualist? All of una dey craze.” 



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    Zfancy’s reaction to the claims of him being a ritualist and his interaction with Lord Lamba raised some eyebrows.

    Some netizens wondered if they were both chasing clout. Read some of their comments below:

    lexyjay_official: “Who do ritual will say he do ritual?”

    Maheel_kbj: “This guy dey stage anything AGBA STAGER.”

    horlarlexyy: “First video after a year and it’s clout based.”

    officialpassmark: “Una no even sabi act na only skit una sabi …cuz wetin be this.”

    Emzyhush01: “Why you go come live co dey ask ur niigga that kind thin.”

    oilgas_25: “Your friends get every right to ask you questions base on waten dem dey hear.” 

    Richy_billy_02: “See person way una talk say him Dey depressed see as him fresh.”

    Sheddyofthegoodlife: “See person weh no gree go court for him daughter… na for live video dem see you.” 

    Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that the ritualist rumors trailing Zfancy have finally drawn the attention of the Nigerian police.

    Days after Sekyen called out the prankster and Nigerians paid her no mind, another friend of hers, Kokina, also went online to call for help while sharing her side of the story.

    A Twitter user, Dami Adenuga, shared the video on his page as he called for help from the Nigerian police, and they reacted.

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