Actress Angela Eguavoen Says She Can Act Nude if The Scene & Movie is Worth it

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Budding Nollywood actress Angela Egwavoen has disclosed that she can go strip naked on a film set assuming the scene or movie is significant.

Angela says she can only act nude if it’s a core trait of the character she portrays in a movie or crucial in the development of a particular scene or the movie as a whole.

The actress made this known in a recent exclusive interview with The Punch where she talked about her greatest strengths as an actress that has made her endearing in the sight of film producers and directors.

Angela Egwavoen

While speaking to Punch’s Sunday Scoop, Angela disclosed that her versatility and willingness to exceed boundaries in order to portray her character greatly remains her biggest acting superpowers.

speaking further, the budding role interpreter noted that her beauty and curvaceous body is only an added bonus to any success she has known in the industry.

She said:

“I am a versatile actor. I always bring my A-game to every project. I strip myself of Angela and become the character I am playing and I do anything feasible to portray my character greatly.

“Being beautiful and having a great body is an added advantage to my success in the industry. The fact that I am so easy to work with, understanding and I don’t cause any sort of problem or be the reason a producer or director is having headache during production, has also opened doors for me.

Speaking about going nude in movies, she said: “I can only go nude in a movie if it is very imperative. I can do it for a film or scene that is worth it.”

Angela went on to reveal that she is attracted to funny and dark-skinned tall men.

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