“Bimbo was the violent person & was suicidal” – Blessing CEO Make Shocking Claims

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Popular Nigerian relationship expert Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO drops a bombshell on the ongoing case between IVD and late wife, Bimbo. She assumes the position of IVD’s “official relationship therapist” and reveals shocking information with evidence on the broken marriage.

Recall how Nigerian celebrities reacted to the news of IVD’s wife, Abimbola death as announced by “Mamajazz”, sister of the deceased on

Saturday, October 15th.

Blessing CEO, who has been vocal on the case discloses, “Bimbo was the violent person and was a suicidal victim”, she shares receipts and evidence to debunk claims that IVD physically assaulted and killed his wife.

Blessing CEO spilled on how the Late Bimbo’s family are after IVD’s properties and life, especially her elder sister, Mama Jazz.

According to her, public opinion has it that Bimbo has been violent. The relationship expert added that the deceased always broke bottle on her husband’s head on a daily.

She further reveals…

“The family of late Bimbo is after IVDs properties and life. Especially her elder sister mamajazz. Bimbo and IVD are well known people in Lagos and it’s not a hidden fact that even in their estate that Bimbo is violent. Everybody knows how she breaks bottle on her husband’s head on a daily…. bimbo killed herself and has always wanted to kill herself right from childhood. Evidence loading”.

“I will ask mamajazz the late bimbo’s sister few questions…. Where you in talking terms with your sister before died? Are you oweing your late sister 18 million? Did she block you before her death? Do you even like your sisters children?? Answers this question because I will slam the internet with raw fact and evidence.

I am stepping into the case as the official relationship therapist of IVD… will drop all the evidence that IVD did not kill his wife or even hurt her. The late Bimbo was the violent person and suicidal victim….”

Blessing CEO adds,

“Another evidence of IVD carrying his wife with his bear hands with fire burning him. It was IVD that took his wife to the swimming pool to quench the fire that his late wife lifted on her body with fuel… This man burnt himself to save her… evidence”.

She further shuns attempts from other celebrities and online followers who opine she stays quite on the case and leave matters to rest.

Nkechi Blessing;

“Blessing why not allow this matter rest… what exactly do you stand to gain dragging d dead like this”

Anita Joseph;

“Blessing leave this one plz leave it”

The relationship therapist who’s Instagram account has just been disabled due to the ongoing saga, moves on the opening multiple other new accounts. Blessing swears to storm insults on any other celebrity who attempts to prevent her from spilling more “evidence.”

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