COZA Founder Biodun Fatoyinbo Is On The News Again For All The Wrong Reasons!

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The name Biodun Fatoyinbo needs no is one many wouldn’t forget in haste. For those unfamiliar with him, the 46-year-old pastor is the founder of a famous Abuja-based church called Commonwealth of Zion, also known as COZA. From Lagos to Ilorin and Abuja, Fatoyinbo had been one of the most influential pastors in Nigeria over the years. Although he started his ministry in 1999 in Ilorin, Kwara State, after quitting cultism and finding Christ, he gained fame in Abuja for his impeccable fashion style, love for Yellow Jaguars, and designer wears like Gucci, earning him the nickname Gucci Pastor.

Like many other pastors, Fatoyinbo is a proud husband to Modele Fatoyinbo, a minister and father to four children, who have all played vital roles in his ministry growth.

The 46-year-old flamboyant pastor was first condemned on January 2nd, 2022 after he threw a punch on Igbos concerning what he sees as “stingy” towards church donations while preaching, stating that their hustling spirit is a curse. A week later, a former COZA choir director called him out for indirectly causing the death of a former choir member.

Aside from accusing him of owing workers salaries and asking for sexual favours from female church members, she claimed the swagalicious pastor is a cultist and Church workers who plan to leave the church or eventually leaves always wind up sick or dead.

While Fatoyinbo refused to react to all these shocking allegations, another social media user came and took people back memory lane by accusing Fatoyinbo of forcefully defiling her friend, gaslighting her to remove the baby that eventually led to her passing.

In the wake of all these accusations, many have also remembered the 2019 scandal involving Busola Dakolo, wife of popular musician Timi Dakolo who exposed and accused the man of God of abuse during her teenage years. Sadly, the Nigerian court dismissed the case on the grounds that it was frivolous. Is this the end of the road for Biodun Fatoyinbo and his ministry? Will he survive this scandal like the ones before? #BiodunFatoyinbo #COZA #NigerianPastor

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