Crossdresser Jay Boogie’s Condition Worsens As Both His Kidneys Reportedly Fail After Fails BBL Surgery—Doctor Lovett Reveals

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In a concerning turn of events, popular transgender figure Jay Boogie is reportedly facing a serious health crisis. Emerging reports indicate that both of his kidneys have failed, a dire situation that has captured the attention and concern of many.

Jay Boogie’s health struggles began following a Brazilian buttlift surgical procedure. This surgery, unfortunately, led to complications for Jay Boogie. In the days and weeks following the procedure, his health deteriorated, leading to a fight for his life that has now culminated in a critical need for a kidney transplant.

Dr. Lovett, a medical professional closely associated with Jay Boogie’s care during these trying times, has revealed the severity of the situation. The failure of both kidneys is a serious medical condition that requires immediate and significant intervention. Dr. Lovett, and surely those close to Jay Boogie, had hoped that it would never reach this point.

The distress of Jay Boogie’s situation was heartbreakingly evident in a live video where he appealed for help. He shared his plight with the public, explaining the need for assistance following the failed BBL surgery, which had adversely affected his kidneys.

She wrote: “At this stage, Jayboogie needs a Kidney Transplant! Both kidneys have failed! We prayed and Wished it never got to this stage but this is it!!!” 

The response to Jay Boogie’s situation has been a mix of sympathy, speculation, and controversy. Various individuals have voiced their opinions and theories about the cause of his health issues.

Mary Njoku expressed concern over the surgeon responsible for the BBL procedure, suggesting that they should be questioned and arrested.

Gold, another commentator, speculated that the complications might have arisen from an additional genital surgery.

African Flamingo, reflecting on Jay Boogie’s past statements, noted a discrepancy between his claims of having a wealthy boyfriend and the current reality, where such support seems absent. Ugodi, a different commenter, offered a different perspective, pondering whether the use of hormonal drugs, rather than the BBL procedure itself, could have contributed to the kidney failure.

Another viewpoint was presented by an individual who attributed the situation to the broader “My Body, My Choice” anthem, implying that personal choices led to these consequences.

The doctor who performed the BBL surgery has remained silent amidst this turmoil, adding to the mystery and uncertainty surrounding Jay Boogie’s condition.

As Jay Boogie faces this life-threatening situation, the need for a kidney transplant becomes a matter of urgency.

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