Federal Government Reacts To Trump’s Planned Travel Ban on Nigeria

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The Nigerian government on Wednesday said it would not act based on the speculation that Donald Trump administration is planning to add Nigeria to its travel ban list, but would wait to see the scope, reach, implication and consequences before taking action.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal and Politico announced that the Trump administration is planning to add seven new countries – Belarus, Kyrgyzstan Myanmar and four African countries which include, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Eritrea – to its travel ban list.

Reacting to the bad news, The Presidency said through its spokesman, Graba Shehu that it would not be drawn by speculations, Daily Trust reports.

Shehu added that the presidency is down on its heels and working on a new policy that will hopefully put an end to corruption in the country.  He also called on Nigerians not to worry about such speculations.

He said:

“Yes, we have read the news that the Trump administration is planning to add a host of African, Asian and Eastern European countries to its travel restrictions list as reported by the U.S. media. We are not going to react to speculations. We urge you to wait for us to see what unfolds under the new policy, its scope, its reach, the implications and its consequences before we react.”

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