“F**k The One You Love Often” – Brymo Instructs People in Relationships

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Sex is no doubt one of the sensitive topics that easily divides opinions amongst people in today’s society.

It is often asked wheather it Is possible for two people who are attracted to each other to have a healthy relationship with frequent or periodic sexual engagements.

While most people recon it is of the utmost important that two lovebirds keeps things lit up in the bedroom at all times, others do not buy into the idea that sex should be the ultimate glue that binds two people together.

Well, top singer Brymo has dished out an interesting relationship advice pertaining to sex on social media. In a message aimed at folks in relationships, the singer advised them to make sex one of their top priorities.


Brymo made this known via his Twitter page on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, where he said that people are eager to have a sexual connection with their romantic partner.

According to him, the most important reason why people venture into romantic relationships is so that they can get laid. The singer stated that if one is in search of only love, then he or she should go live with a sibling.

“If it’s not about sex then go and live with your sibling, that’s also love… sexual attraction is the point of romantic relationships, a greater connection will emerge when physical contact reduces, and that’s not yours to choose, time will..fuck the one you love often pls,” he tweeted.

As expected, the tweet caused a stir on Twitter. With a lot of people on Brymo’s side while others were not impressed with his decorations.

Check out some of the mixed reactions below:

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