Flavour Nabania Says He Isn’t Married Yet And Here Is The Sad Reason Why

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    On Saturday, June 8, 2024, the renowned Igbo Highlife singer Flavour Nabania brought Enugu to a standstill as he laid his late father, Sir Benjamin Okoli, to eternal rest at the age of 80. The lively funeral ceremony celebrated life and was attended by distinguished friends and associates, including Peter Obi, Phyno, Cubana Chief, Obi Cubana, and Prophet Odumeje, who brought his energetic Abido shaker vibes.

    However, what stole the show was the presence of two gorgeous women in Flavour’s life, Sandra Okagbue and Anna Banner. Without a doubt, this is the life Yul Edochie desires. He must be envying Flavour right now.

    Anyways, the stunning ladies graced the occasion elegantly dressed in the family aso-ebi with their daughters, who looked equally adorable for the day. 

    Interestingly, Sandra Okagbue’s message to Flavour’s father on social media, which included the line “Farewell my father-in-law, Pa Benjamin Okoli,” has sparked a mixed reaction and got people talking. This has raised questions about whether Flavour is truly married if the 40-year-old singer has paid Sandra’s bride price, or if the former beauty queen is using this opportunity to encourage her baby daddy to make their relationship official.

    Without delay, let’s delve into Flavour’s history and his relationships with his two beauty queen baby mamas.

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    At a time when the Nigerian music industry desperately needed a different sound, Chinedu Izuchukwu, Okoli, better known as Flavour Nabania or simply Flavour, came into the picture. Since 2010, after he dropped his hit single, Nwababy, the talented singer has been treating fans to some of the best Igbo highlife music, including Adanma, Ada Ada, Baby Oku, and his recent release, Big Baller. But of course, Flavours’s success and continued relevance come as no surprise, knowing that he started his musical career at the age of 13 years. As the hitmaker said on X back in May 2024, he is in a league of his own.

    Sadly, the award-winning singer lost his biggest fan, his father, Sir Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli, to the cold hands of death on May 22 2024; the singer announced the sad news to his fans on social media.

    Eventually, on June 8, 2024, Enugu came to a standstill for the burial ceremony of FlaFlaovurs’seat man. Initially, the funeral was scheduled to take place in Flavours’s ancestral home in Umunze, Anambra state. However, due to insecurity issues, the talented performer decided to conduct the final burial ceremony in Enugu, where he was born and raised. Amongst family and friends, the event was graced by notable celebrities. 

    Without a doubt, Flavour isn’t another musician in Nigeria but one of the few who effortlessly sweeps women off their feet. The talented singer is also one of the sexiest men in the Afrobeats music industry, thanks to his track record. Since gaining fame, the Game changer Crooner has been linked to many beautiful women, including Beverly Ukegbu, popularly known as Beverly ‘He’ls’. ‘alented vocalist Chidinma, Ekile, whom he collaborated with on the popular love song, Olulufe. At the time, many were convinced that the wedding bells would soon ring. Shockingly, we were so wrong because Flavour quickly clarified that they were just friends. 

    Flaour’s relationship with a beauty queen was in 2014 when he started dating Sandra Okagbue. At the time, the stylish and elegant model was better known as Ugegbe 1. The classic beauty rose to fame after participating in the Miss Delta Soap beauty pageant in 2010. Sandra won and became a popular face on the cover of magazines and billboards nationwide. During her reign, the gorgeous model met wealthy footballer Mikel Obi during one of his visits to Nigeria, and they fell in love almost immediately. The lovebird’s romance was so intense that Sandra became a live-in-lover of the former Chelsea midfielder in his UK home.

    After almost three years of being together, rumours started circulating that the couple had decided to tie the nuptial knot, and their introduction was set on the last day of March 2013 at SanSandra’smily home in Onitsha. Sadly, the wedding never happened for reasons best known to them, and the model quickly moved on. Months later, she was spotted with Flavour. A year later, in October of 2014, the lovebirds welcomed their first daughter, Gabrielle. Again, at the time, many thought it wouldn’t be long before the wedding bells started ringing. Sadly, their relationship became troubled and became an off-and-on relationship.

    This allowed Anna Ebiere Banner into the singer’s life in 2014. The then young and stunning beauty queen started dating the Crooner a year after she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant. At the time, the beautiful model was only 19 years of age. Her fans quickly assumed that a young and stunning woman like her with so much potential wouldn’t take a singer like Flavour seriously or allow him to convince her with flashy things. These speculations intensified, and the lovebirds who kept their relationship secret shocked fans a year after Anna became pregnant with Flavour’s child, giving birth to her daughter, Sofia Okoli, in August of 2015.

    Unfortunately, like Sandra Okagbue, the singer wasn’t interested in settling down with the model. This caused such emotional turmoil for Anna, who has since come out to recount her many experiences raising her daughter. The former beauty queen revealed that she dropped out of Middlesex University, UAE because she couldn’t cope with studying and being a mother at nineteen. Not only that, the single mother recounted how disappointed her parents were for getting pregnant out of wedlock, moving her to attempt to unalive herself. By 2016, Anna cut all ties with Flavour, alleging that the singer was cheating with his former girlfriend and baby mama, Sandra Okagbue.

    Interestingly, as Flavour dropped new hits, he became even more successful and exposed to more beautiful women. Did we also mention more handsome?

    His relationship with women became survival of the fittest, and in only a matter of time, Sandra and the Nwa Baby hitmakers, on and off, resulted in another baby. In 2018, they welcomed their child, another daughter, in October. The couple, however, kept the news and their baby a secret and away from the public eye for almost two years.

    However, around August 2020, reports began circulating that the lovers got engaged traditionally at SanSandra’smily home in Onitsha, Anambra state. There were no photos or videos, so it was hard to convince online in-laws. At this point, Anna Banner was convinced that she had no marital future with the singer and allegedly moved on with a married man, Abdullahi Ahmed Osikhena is the wealthy owner of Osikhena Global Investment LTD in Abuja, where Anna is a member of his staff. According to an exclusive report from The Will on December 19 2021, the model’s relationship with her then-boyfriend took a new turn after his marriage crashed, elevating her from being a mere side chic to the main girlfriend. Perhaps, soon-to-be wife.

    This is why many were surprised when Anna graced the occasion of her baby daddy’s father’s funeral. Many assumed she would drop her daughter Sofia off at the event and not join in the funeral. However, the beauty shocked us all with how close and composed she was with the ‘Big Baller’ singer. She even rocked the family Aso-Ebi, which suggests unity.

    Earlier before the event, however, Sandra Okagbue, who also stole the shine at the funeral, made a post on Instagram that got people talking. Sharing photos of her outfit to the funeral, the former beauty queen publicly, for the first time ever, called Flavours’ father her father-in-law. “Today, we gather not in sorrow but in celebration of the life of a remarkable man who will always be an icon to many. Farewell, my father-in-law, Pa Benjamin Okoli,” s”e wrote.

    As you can imagine, this sparked massive debate on social media, as many were in shock. It does not help that no evidence supports her claim that she is indeed Flavour’s life. Many people also pointed out that the singer has never claimed her as his wife. Another set of people thought that the classic beauty, Ugegbe Oyibo, who could pull any man she wanted, was desperately forcing herself on Flavour.

    In the heat of the moment, an Old Clip of Flavour claiming that marriage is not for people like him surfaced online. The clip was extracted from the singer’s interview with Ebuka Obi Uchendu from February 2021, a year after rumours spread that the singer had gotten married traditionally to Sandra Okagbue. Interestingly, the singer has been consistent with his opinion about marriage since then.

    During a 2016 interview with Hip TV, the singer revealed that marriage would distract him at that point in his career. But somehow, fatherhood was no distraction, and impregnating two women was no problem. If you ask us, this reminds us of the old saying that when a woman has a man’s child out of wedlock, the man will stop craving marriage. 

    Sadly, during and after the ceremony, Flavours fans expected to see him pose with the beautiful woman who called his later father her father-in-law. After the event, the singer disappointed them all by posting only photos of his three adorable children without their mothers.

    Amidst all the backlash, many also expected that the beauty queen’s husband would rescue her by at least posting her on his page or sharing a moment from the event with her. Instead, Flavour was seen dancing with his girls. And after the funeral, the Ololufe singer maintained a deafening silence.

    As you may have guessed, Sandra Okagbue’s revelation that Favour is her husband causes many people to laugh at her. On Instagram, trolls have camped on her page, while her true fans have been hailing her for what they perceive as good news.

    Reacting, an IG user wrote, “You too fine but na Flavour suppose show you off and confirm the marriage. Even Sheggz dey confirm Bella as his babe. Come on! Flavour danced and entered alone like a single man.”

    One added, “Those of you saying that Flavour married Sandra traditionally, was there no pictures taken on the day of the trad? Sandra is so desperate and not the type that won’t post pics of such event if it truly happened, just to prove a point. In summary, Flavour didn’t marry her, she’s just forcing things.”

    Also reacting, one wrote, “You be wife, you no follow am snap or dance. Na wao. What do I know? Maybe na like that drm dry do for Igbo land. He posts his daughters without any woman, that means he’s single. What do I know? I’m from Delta State [think] traditions are different. I won’t judge you because I don’t know you. I come in peace.”

    Another commenter, “The same marriage format she use for Mikel Obi and that one escaped…”

    One wrote, “It’s gonna be unfair to this damsel if her husband stay mute. Yes, they don’t owe the public and explanation. However, he can’t just sit down and watch her constantly humiliated. She’s his wife.”

    Another added, “She’s married to Flavour. If anybody has a problem with that, they should go and kpai.”


    Tell us, guys, what do you think about the two beautiful women in Flavour’s life showing up in style for his father’s funeral? Is it a sign that they are trying to win his heart for marriage? 

    Do you believe Flavour is truly married to Sandra and only acting single because of his music career? 

    Would you say Sandra is the one forcing herself on him? 

    Finally, between Sandra and Anna Banner, which of these beauties would you like the Singer to settle down with if he isn’t married, and why?

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