Fredrick Leonard Reveals Why He Chose Peggy & Says He Couldn’t Live Without Her

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Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard, has revealed that his wife, Peggy Ovire, is not just any kind of woman, as he has been romantically linked with different women in the past ten years. During their viral traditional wedding in Warri Delta state on November 19, 2022. The Nollywood hunk narrated why Peggy is so special to him.

Fredrick and Peggy Leonard

This comes barely a month after Frederick revealed that Peggy is the special woman in his life in a heartfelt birthday message.

While celebrating his pretty wife at their traditional marriage ceremony, Frederick Leonard revealed the major reason he chose Peggy Ovire among other beautiful ladies.

According to the actor, someone had questioned him on the reason he chose Peggy to be his wife amidst other women.

He noted that Peggy is the only woman in his life that he can’t live without, and he is happy to call her ‘Mrs Leonard’.

He said: “So, today, someone asked me why Peggy? I told the person, I am not just a Nollywood actor, I am a superstar, I am one of the finest men in Africa.

“That also means that I’ve been with all kinds of women for the last 10 years, but Peggy is the only person that I realised that I just can’t live without and I am happy to call you Mrs Leonards. I love you.”

Hours after the wedding, the first thing Peggy excited did is changed her popular screen name from Peggy Ovire to Peggy Leonard on Instagram.

Before now, the couple has had an on-and-off relationship, leaving fans guessing about the actual state of their friendship.

Their relationship dates back to 2015, when Frederick confirmed they were dating.

However, in 2017, Peggy Ovire denied a romantic connection with the Nollywood star.

During an interview, the former beauty queen said that Mr Leonard is her friend who encourages her.

“In the entertainment industry, it is tough to find someone that would look out for and advise you. He does all that for other people in the industry and me, like my brother. Contrary to what was reported, I have never been married in my life, and I have never even introduced any man to my dad. I am still single.”

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