How Korra Obidi’s Ex Husband Justin Dean Got EXPOSED After Introducing New Girlfriend Tokumbo Daniel

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Justine Dean, the ex-husband of popular Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi has got talking once again, not only for showing off the new Nigerian woman in his life but also for a peculiar incident that happened at his home while he was on Facebook live with his children. Indeed, men move fast, but it looks like Justin Dean moves even faster. For the past few months following his scandalous and shocking marriage crash, the Chiropractor has tried to make fans believe his almost four years of marriage with Korra Obidi messed him up. He is yet to recover from the horrible experience fully.

To make his point crystal clear, the father-of-two recently told fans he is too busy to date, and he’s focused on just his kids for now. He went on to post a photo of him detoxing the Juju he claimed being entangled with a Nigerian woman brought upon him. Shortly after, the Los Angeles-based sports therapist shared a video of him enjoying a date night with British-Nigerian Supermodel Tokumbo Daniel. Shockingly, hours after the date night post, it’s become evident that the recently separated Chiropractor may be in a serious relationship. This is coming after an unclad woman was accidentally captured walking around Justine’s home during a live video chat in August while his young children were visiting.

On zooming in on the video to get a better view of the lady, it turned out to be the lady he went on a date with the night before. While some scold the father-of-two for allowing an unclad woman to move around his home while his kids are there, others have called him out for trying to make his ex-wife Korra jealous. While on the other hand, another set of people have been commending his new woman’s beauty, saying it’s an upgrade. Has Justine Dean really moved on and is now in a serious relationship with another Nigerian woman? Or is the 34-year-old father of two simply trying to pepper his ex, Korra Obidi? Lastly, who is this new woman, Tokumbo Daniel? #KorraObidi #JustinDean #TokumboDaniel #KorraObidiandJustinDean

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