How To Transfer Facebook Photos, Videos To Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr

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You can make use of Facebook’s official transfer tool to easily transport copies of all your Facebook photos and videos to Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr. Your data will be securely archived in those cloud accounts as different files and you will have complete management control over them

As Steve Satterfield, Facebook’s Director of Privacy and Public Policy, explains: “Dropbox presents one orderly environment  for your contents and all the relationship around it. Koofr, which is following the root for ‘suitcase’ in some European languages, gives secure and confidential online deep-freezer storage for all your files, all at a place.”

The Facebook data portability tool is built  on code developed via Facebook’s assistance in the Data Transfer Project — a consensus initiative that started last year, with support from other tech giants namely Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

To access the tool, Facebook users need to navigate to the ‘Your Facebook Information’ menu and select ‘Transfer a copy of your photos and videos’. Facebook will then prompt you to re-enter your password prior to initiating the transfer. You will then be asked to select a destination service from the three on offer (Google Photos, Dropbox or Koofr) and asked to enter your password for that third party service — kicking off the transfer.

Users will receive a notification on Facebook and via email when the transfer has been completed.

The encrypted transfers work from both the desktop version of Facebook or its mobile app.

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