“I can’t marry a man that doesn’t have at least 3 cars, 2 houses, and 2 stable businesses” – Khloe

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Big Brother Naija star Khloe is determined to head into marriage with zero anxiety over her financial foothold. The reality TV star says she can’t marry a man that doesn’t have at least 3 cars, 2 houses and 2 stable businesses.

Khloe made this known in a lengthy post on her Instagram page. She revealed that she had previously made the statement while having some girl moments with her friends.  The 27-year old model was adamant on her decision and mean to those who failed to accept her controversial opinion after the conversation slipped unto the online scene.

Khloe also used excerpts form her post to advise young girls not to settle for less in marriage when they can strive for more.

She wrote:

“So last night at dinner I was having a conversation with the girls and I said I can’t MARRY a broke man that doesn’t have at least 3 cars , 2 houses and 2 stable businesses …. so it got online and people are insulting me … 1. That’s my wish not yours.  2. I repeat I’m not bringing a child into this world if my husband and me are not financially stable.  3. It’s me that know what I went through growing up and I don’t wish that for my children.  4. I have half of this things , so why should I go lower. 5. It’s none of your gaddam business what I wish for”

With her controversial post causing quite a stir on social media amongst fans and followers, one can only imagine whether the reality star would give a positive response to the priest’s “for richer, for poorer” query when she finally stand at the alter with her husband-to-be and exchange marriage vows.

See her post below: 


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