Is Saga of BBN A Fool For Crying On National Television, Because Of Love?

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In the ongoing season of the Big Brother Naija show, even an audience seeing the show for the first time will understand that Saga is crazy about Nini. Both housemates are mostly together, and it’s universally acknowledged that they’ve been a formidable “ship.”

Recently, Biggie played a prank on the Housemates, and it saw Nini leaving the house for a while. The housemates were worried, and this confined Saga into a certain space of emotions. The young man started crying, because the girl he loves, or claims to love, is nowhere to be found. Inasmuch as it was a game show, anything could still be possible. It could even be a silent eviction for an unknown crime committed. Biggie can always “rock the show” anyhow he pleases.

But this attitude of Saga’s got a lot of Nigerians worried about his mental health. Some criticized him for being so foolishly in love. Some called it obsession.

“This guy na mumu” someone said.

“Is this guy for real,” another said.

The only place I’ll blame Saga, is in the fact that Nini has continuously used several opportunities to tell him how she misses her boyfriend, yet man is still trying to win her heart.

But, have you all sat down to think of this:

What if this is Saga’s strategy?

Emotionally unavailable people will never understand Saga, if he truly loves her. So, they’ll continue calling him a fool.

The only reason I won’t show such affection for a girl is because, Nini is fond of using “my boyfriend,” in her conversations with him. That attitude says a lot about a girl not taking you seriously, apart from her making it obvious that you’re wasting your time.

No human should be subjected to the torture she’s giving Saga.

And like I said: Maybe Saga is following a script he wrote for himself, and doesn’t want to deviate; even if it means crying on National TV to prove a point.

The guy could be playing the game more than every other person in that house.

Written by: Edward Amah


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