Keri Hilson says Coronavirus Pandemic is Down to Electromagnetic Radiation From 5G Network

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Top American singer Keri Hilson has made some bold claims about the spread of coronavirus.

With the coronavirus running rampage around the world, Keri Hilson has shared a theory that explains the pandemic.

The singer took to her Twitter page on Monday, March 16, 2020, where she stated in a series of tweets that electromagnetic radiation could be the reason behind the dreaded disease.

Keri Hilson

According to Hilson, there is a possibility that electromagnetic radiation from the 5G networks around the globe is responsible for the contagious coronavirus.

The singer went on to suggest that the lack of 5G networks in Africa is the reason behind the slow incursion of the virus into African countries.

Keri’s tweets has since sparked off a lot of conversations on Twitter, with the singer coming under fire from internet users who slammed her for her unproven theory.

The cronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization having infected more than 115,800 people and killed over 6000 worldwide.

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