Khafi Kareem Says She Rejected N8m Offer to Promote Bleaching Cream

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Former Big Brother Naija star Khafi Kareem has taken to social media to share an interesting story about how her personal belief was put to test.

Khafi Kareem recently shocked her fans on social media by recounting how she rejected a lucrative deal worth millions became it was against what she stood for.

The reality TV star made this known during an Instagram live chat with music mogul, Ubi Franklin.

Khafi Kareem said she turned down the sum of 8 Million Naira that was given to her to promote a bleaching cream because it was against her belief.

During the chat, Khafi told Ubi that she turned down the sum of 8 Million Naira that was given to her to promote a bleaching cream.

She noted that the decision to reject the offer was not taken lightly as it was the biggest she had received from a brand at the time. But she was guided by her believe system and eventually stuck to her values.

Speaking further, the 29-year old added that the terms of the deal did not require much work from her, and she could have easily signed it without caring about the consequences. But she has always tried to monetise herself in ways that increase her values, and the deal was not in line with her brand.

She said:

“I have always tried to monetise myself in a way that is truly in line with my values. I have had to reject certain things. So, a certain company contacted me and this is actually, till today, the biggest offer I have received,” she said.

“It was about N8 million and it wasn’t that much that I would have to do, but it was for a skin bleaching brand. I was in the dilemma of taking the money but not having to do much and this is not something I believed in.

“I could have just taken the money and not care about the repercussions. There are certain things that I would not be able to do in the future if I take certain deals that were not in relation to my brand. I had to turn down N8 million so that, by God’s grace, I would make more in the future by being a person of my word.”

Khafi was one of the contestants of BBNaija reality show 2019 edition. She is currently engaged with one time housemate Gedoni after the pair got into a beautiful relationship during their time in the house.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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