May Edochie Reacts After Co-wife Judy Austin Changed Surname To Fit In

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Judy Austin, the second wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has finally received a response from Yul’s first wife, May Edochie.

Just a few hours after her husband’s second wife fully assumed his last name, May Edochie released a statement.

Recall when the actor’s first wife sent a message on Instagram saying she didn’t want to be numbered.

The mother of four reminded her that she is also known as Yul Edochie.

The first wife of the actor, May, revealed her Igbo name, Amaka, by posting a photo of herself wearing typical Igbo attire.

Then May Edochie introduced herself as “Queen May Yul Edochie”. This could be taken as a slight towards Judy because the timing is off.

“And my Igbo name Amaka. Who got it right?

Say hello to Queen Amaka

Queenmayyuledochie “

Judy Austin had already made fun of May Edochie for completely assuming Yul Edochie’s last name.

The actress formally took Yul Edochie’s last name a few months after their wedding.

Judy Austin had modified her middle name tilted from “Moghalu” to “Yul-Edochie “, fairly than earlier.

It is potential that this could be a jab at her elder partner, who simply this day admitted that she goes to protest her husband remaining title no matter their turbulent Marriage.

May Edochie confessed that she was not about to serve her husband with a divorce letter reverse to what her thronging follers had believed.

Using the name May Yul-Edochie, the mother of four declared on her Instagram profile that she had created a YouTube channel, especially for herself.

She asserts that “All about May Yul Edochie” is the name of the pages on Facebook and YouTube.

This information incensed several of her admirers, who aired their wrath in the post’s comment section.

Remember that May Edochie had remained resolute against her husband’s decision to take his colleague, Judy Austin, as second wife.

The couple’s Marriage became strained after his marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin.

May Edochie reveal that she wouldn’t be numbered as a wife or cajoled to accept a practice that does not align with my faith and family values.

May Edochie stated on Instagram that they jointly owned their house; hence, the reason she and Yul lives together.

She hinted at forgiving her husband, Yul, for his mistake as she noted how everyone deserved an opportunity to make things right when they stray.

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