“May No Woman Experience This Wickedness” – When A Caring Boyfriend Turns Into A Devil!

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‘Will she leave? That is the major question!

I don’t think any woman should receive the wickedness Cristal experienced at the hands of her boyfriend. 

She has been trending for a while on TikTok because of her videos on her “caring and attentive” boyfriend named Jordan. It is always a beauty to behold, whenever she showers praises on him.

She speaks about how talented he is, and never forgets to talk about his smartness. According to her, he has also changed her life. One would think she struck Gold in him, until now.

She recently shared clips of her battered face, which according to her, was his doing.  He had beaten her in a ruthless way, leaving her with a bleeding nose and swollen eye.

Because of the attack, she said there will be a need to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

My only problem is what comes after this incident. Is she going to leave him or stay back? It would be nice to hear that she won’t be going back to him.

Sometimes, they say “love” makes women live with a beast, hoping that someday, it would become an angel. It is inhuman to treat someone in that manner, so pardon my use of “it” to describe the person, instead of “he.”

But if she leaves, she’s at least sure of her safety. Women subjected to domestic violence should understand that love could lead to their death someday. There is a time to give up and leave that relationship.


Written by: Edward Amah

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