Motivation Monday: Never Allow Your Bad Experiences To Slow You Down The Road to Success

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It’s Monday again and for some of us, it’s the begging of a new day, a new week or a new begging. Many a time, our bad experiences with people often set us back from finding the road to success, and just because we had a bad experience trying let’s say a new venture, shouldn’t stop us from trying again. Here are 3 Key Facts.

Do you know that success is dubbed; try, try and try again? It might feel like you’ve been trying for so long and often ends up in the same place, but what you forget to understand is that you’re bagging in experiences from each and everyone of that fail and at one point you will rise, full of knowledge, experiences and will eventually get it right?

In other not to beat around the bush, here are 3 key facts to take into consideration while trying to be successful.



If you had a bad business experience with one friend or business partner, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust other people. Every individual is different. Instead of harshly decide not to work with friends, apply your previous knowledge and take cation while trying to work with other people. Just like a storm, you’ll know when the drama is coming and be able to navigate to save yourself.


When you’ve failed more than once, it can be difficult to raise the finance for a new adventure. Always think things through before making a move when it comes to new things. If you decide to pursue a new begging always plan out the financial side, be real and face facts and reality, don’t exaggerate.

One key example is; Don’t just assume a sponsor will come from nowhere, mostly at the begging of your business adventure, always make sure you have enough to sustain your business or lifestyle to some certain limit. Planning is key, being real with your finance and how far you can manage before the right people join you is key to success.

The same applies to business that can yield money over a certain amount of time. One big example in today’s world is Social Media. Focus on growing your channel or platform first before expecting to monetise or start accepting ads and money.


Some people say, if you try a business it doesn’t work, try something else. I agree with that to an extent. Always make this move if you find out, let’s say if that field of business is not for you, and you don’t see yourself growing in such an environment. That’s fine, often time we need to try out a business before we decide if it’s for us, the right move or not. That’s a done deal if that move is not for you.

However if a business fails, and you think you didn’t try hard enough, and you still like to carry on but scared. Take time off, if that will help and try again. Every fail means you learnt something new and you’re willing to take note. However, if you decide to move to a different field of business just because you failed, and start something totally different, you’ll never spot or learn from your mistakes.

So there you have it! Amongst other bad experiences that can stop you from succeding in a particular field. Focus on trying again and fixing the broke pieces on your way.

Have a great week!

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