Netizens Wonder As Yul Edochie’s Daughter Danielle Removes Father’s Name From Her Instagram Account

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Danielle Edochie, the daughter of actor Yul Edochie, has removed her father’s surname from her Instagram account.

A check on her Instagram page on Monday, February 19, revealed that Edochie has been removed as her Instagram username and bio.

Danielle, formerly Danielle Yul Edochie, now bears Danielle Diana Dubem.

While it remains unclear why Danielle made the sudden decision, many have speculated that it is connected to her father’s actions on social media.

This change was followed by praise, as many supported the teenager for her boldness.

Sandypreneur wrote, “If na you nko? Do you know what it means to watch your parent embarrass you daily? Smh.”


Phelle wrote, “Men do not know the damages this things do to their kids mostly on their daughters. This same act of yul my dad did. Till today I. Ve trust issues with men . It’s externally damaging to daughter . Tomorrow them go come beg and expect you to forgive and forget the past that they hurt . Mine even asked me what abomination did I commit ? . Like this man is a joke . You threw away your family for decades over a strange woman. Then turn around when you think you can benefit from us to be asking me what abomination did u commit? Haaaa ! Men! I have trust issues on them “

Yul unsettled the peace in his home in April 2022 when he announced he had married actress Judy Austin Moghalu as his second wife and that they had a son together.

The drama heated up when the actor justified his marriage to Judy, which led to backlash from fans, celebrities, and his brothers, who distanced themselves from the actor and his second wife.

On her part, Yul’s first wife, May Yul-Edochie, made it clear that she would not be cajoled into accepting her husband’s choice of polygamy.

In 2023, May reacted to a threat against her daughter from a Facebook account allegedly run by a woman named Ukawike Sandra.

During the marriage crisis, Danielle warned her followers to stop tagging her in posts related to her father, as she has no interest in pursuing a career in acting.

She wrote: “Please I’m NOT an actress, I have no business with acting and Nollywood, no dey force career on me abeg. I don’t act and I’m not interested in acting.

“Acting is for him and not for me and I am a whole different person, I am my own identity.

Please stop tagging me in posts related to him/Nollywood/films/actors. I am not interested in Nollywood. Know these and know peace.”

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