“Nigeria Is Still Jaga Jaga” – Eedris Abdulkareem Feels Vindicated 18 Years After Controversial Song

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Nigerian singer Eedris Abdulkareem says he has been vindicated 18 years after emerging as the voice behind arguably the most controversial song to ever hit the country.

In 2002, Edris released “Jaga Jaga,” a hit song which projected corruption and suffering in Nigeria in a blatant manner not seen since the days of Fela Kuti.

Though popular among the masses, the song irked members of President Obasanjo led administration presiding over the county’s state of affairs at the time, with some of its critical lines describing Nigeria as “Scatter Scatter.”

Now 18 years later, many of the societal and political issues highlighted in Eedris’ famous song still plague the black nation, and this has led him to speak about his vindication in a recent interview on Channels TV.

According to him, Nigeria is still jaga jaga.

He said:

“In 2002 I dropped Nigeria Jaga Jaga, and the ex-president came on the National TV and said that boy wey sing that song, na him papa and him family jaga jaga. I was very happy that my message got to the president. I was very happy that the president talked back at me because that means they were listening and today I’ve been vindicated again because Nigeria is still jaga jaga. For me, life is about choices and whatever you choose to stand for, you have people who want to live that life with you.”

Watch his interview below:

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