#ResumeOrResign: Nigerians In The Diaspora Holds A Peaceful 24hrs Protest at Abuja House London!

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Last night, Friday the 18th, Nigerians Diasporas held a 24hrs peaceful vigil protest which lasted until the early hours of this morning at Abuja House London demanding that the president should go home.

The group got permission from the British Police carried on with the ‘ResumeOrResign campaign created by Nigerian singer Charly boy. The vigil was covered by a Facebook group called ‘Hope For Nigeria’.

While protesting, the over 100 Nigerians saw The 1st lady Aisha Buhari drive in and out of the premises. They also witnessed her with some stewards parking bags in cars including vans and living to either the airport or to a different destination. The question is, are they moving the president to a different house?

People from the Nigerian High Commissioner as well as the president Security official also came to disrupt and discourage the protesters, it wasn’t successful.

Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, on Wednesday, August 16th, announced a suspension of his participation in the #ResumeOrResign protest after he and members of his group were assaulted at Wuse market in Abuja, Nigeria and also lack of support by fellow Nigerians, not knowing that his rocked succeeded in shooting off the sky, Nigerians in the Diaspora heard and followed his lead.

Since yesterday, Nigerians in the Diaspora has picked up from where singer Charly boy left and eagerly marched to Abuja house in Kensington, London, chanting and demanding that the president go home.

Nigerians in Newyork are also having a peaceful protest. The fact is that something that started so small is gradually enlarging and it’s a matter of time before thousands of Nigerians march along.

The original protesters in Abuja Nigeria began the campaign on Monday, August 7th, demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari who is on a medical vacation in London for over 105 days now to resumes or resign.


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