Rihanna Launch #FentyBeauty a Makeup Brand For Everyone!

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Music, fashion and beauty icon, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is breaking the internet, this time it’s for the launch of her first beauty product FENTY BEAUTY , a makeup brand for everyone with 40 different shades of foundations, launched yesterday, September 8th.

Riri as popularly known has become the boundary breaking icon as her fans are loving the whole make up range. The popular singer was all glammed up in yellow with a face beautified with her own makeup brand ‘FENTY, followed by her girls’ squad, a line of diverse models for the long awaited brand.

The pop music princess was inspired to create Fenty Beauty after years of experimenting with the top notch and best in the beauty game, however still saw a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones. The successful entrepreneur has launched a makeup line to enable women everywhere to be included, focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard to match skin tones and creating formulas that work/match all skin types.

The brand includes; Foundation, primer, highlighter, Conceal/Contour, Blotting, Blusing tool among others. It also comes with a chart that can match face beats from foundation, contouring and lipstick, thus making the application of makeup less time-consuming. Beauty influencers agree this is something different from the other makeup brand till date.

The reviews are coming in from beauty influencer from all part of the world. So far the majority of the ones we’ve seen are loving the new makeup brand. Talking about is quality great packaging and much more.


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