Shocking Details Of Femi Osibano & How He Cut Corners Leading To The Collapse of Ikoyi Building

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Femi Adegoke Osibona, also known as Femi Fourscore, is one of the foremost Nigeria real estate developers. He recently became infamous as the Managing Director of Fourscore Properties and the owner of collapsed 360 degrees towers under construction in Ikoyi.

According to his spiritual mentor, Mattew Ashimolowo, the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Osibona has properties scattered around London, South Africa, and Nigeria. He claims the real estate developer in his 60’s owned 12 apartment buildings in London, 125 apartments in South Africa, and built another 40 apartments in Ikoyi, which he sold for 1 million dollars each, and several others. However, Osibona didn’t attain this height in the twinkle of an eye. His story can be best described as grass to grace. He had his primary education in Lagos, completed his secondary school education at Mayflower secondary school in Ikenne, Ogun State, and later graduated from Croydon University, the UK, with a degree in business and finance.

He first started hustling by selling shoes and suits in Abuja and London before venturing into real estate in Hackney, the UK, in 1997, becoming the first African developer to build a 7-Storey building in the UK. Osibona, during his lifetime, was a spiritual Christian, and he often sought the divine counsel of his mentor, Mattew Ashimolowo, before embarking on a new project. From a tape that has since gone viral, Ashimolowo could be seen and heard bragging about how he urged Osibona to take his real estate business to Nigeria and has been a game-changer ever since. #WhoIsFemiOsibano #FemiOsibano #CollapseIkoyiBuilding

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