“That Woman Needs Help” Controversy As Kemi Olunloyo’s Son Responds To Iyabo Ojo’s Open Letter Pens To Him And His Sibling

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Social media users are reacting to the response of one of the sons of investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo to Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo.

It was reported that Iyabo wrote an open letter to them, expressing that she understands his family’s situation and sympathizes with them.

The mother of two urged him to forgive his mother over claims that he disowned her and ensure they join hands to support her, even though different fathers raised him and his siblings.

In response, one of Olunloyo’s sons slammed Iyabo for thinking he and his siblings were not on good terms with their mother.

He claimed that his autistic brother is not on social media, and the claims that they disowned their mother were from a cloned page. He clarified that they love their mother even when they each have their struggles.

“Madam Iyabo Ojo: Pls address our mom Dr Kemi Olunloyo and not her sons. My autistic brother is not on social media let alone posting from his cloned page as disowning her, something clarified in 2019. We love our mom and we have our own struggles. We don’t need your help. Thx.”

The news has divided social media, with some applauding him over his response while others slammed him for weighing into their fight.

One Legal Tender001 wrote, “I think Iyabo lost her prestige

One The Eclairee wrote, “I don’t like madam Kemi, but I love that her son can defend his mom like this; she must be proud

One Funke Eluv defending Iyabo wrote, “Did you warn your mom to stop involving Iyabo’s children? Or did you not eat all the dirty things your mother was saying about her?

One MZ Portable wrote, “Now that the table turns, you can defend your mom. But your mom is good at saying stuff about other people’s moms. Take it or leave it, that woman needs help

One The Real Smallie wrote, “If Iyabo never jam her type, she no go rest

One Amoke Mi wrote, “It’s a fight between mums, so Oga rest. Your mother also mentioned her kids

One Demsaga2 wrote, “Very mature response to a street lady

One Nth Ideas By Shalewa wrote, “Where were you when your mum involved Iyabo’s children?”.

Iyabo has been in the news following her presence at singer Davido’s wedding, where Very Dark Man made strong allegations against her, claiming that she wasn’t invited to the main wedding but after the party, which Iyabo refuted by providing receipts to prove him wrong.

Defending her, The Managing Director of TVC, Morayo Afolabi Brown, had sent her a public note, sending her love and reassurance. She noted how people like her see Iyabo as a woman with noble intentions whose actions have been misconstrued.

Actress Wumi Toriola celebrated Iyabo Ojo’s resilience and achievements, calling her a brave, tender, and fierce personality clothed in strength and dignity.

Actor Ibrahim Chatta also praised her, calling her a superwoman, which didn’t sit well with many.

Meanwhile, actress Sonia Ogiri slammed the actress, questioning if she wasn’t exhausted and why she was further disgracing herself and her family.

She admonished her to learn from her colleagues like Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Ekeinde and urged her boyfriend, Paulo Okoye, to take her inside.



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