The world in excitement, as Ronaldo and Messi teams up one last time to finally end their Legendary Football careers at PSG

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For the past 11 years, whenever Football is mentioned, two names keep coming to mind before other names – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They’ve had the greatest rivalry ever, in the history of sports.

Everywhere you go, there’s this debate of who’s the greatest amongst them, since they’ve virtually created records that would take time to be broken – if their records will ever be broken.

And in the mouths of several pundits and analysts, it’s been said that “he’s yet to be born, that will take their place.”  Granted there are younger footballers whose specialities are known; it still baffles the world audience each time the two legends perform better than the supposed “wonderkids” who are expected to replace them when they finally retire from football.

The just-concluded 2020/2021 season had Ronaldo as the best player in the Italian League (Serie A) while Messi ended his season as the best thing in the Spanish League (La Liga).

The battle for who is the greatest has often created a somewhat unique and strong enmity between their fans. It’s more like the battle between Light and Darkness. 

While some of us stand between the gaps to explain how absurd it is to have quarrelled over this, it has always been our wish to see these fans come to accept that both legends have contributed so much to our sports in their very own unique ways. We hoped that they would see that both are wonderful players, and very special in their ways. Both have advantages peculiar to them alone.

When the news of Messi wanting to leave Barcelona last season, first reached our ears, it was received with mixed feelings. The legend has lived most of his professional life in Spain and has sacrificed a lot for his club. He was frustrated, and couldn’t get transferred to any other club – Barcelona was unwilling to let him go.

There were rumours that Juventus of Italy, was making plans to bring him to the Alianz Arena. The world was excited to hear that such a stunt could be achieved – having the greatest rivals play in the same team.

So, it was considered a breath of fresh air having him leave for Paris Saint-German in Ligue 1 this season. PSG is the biggest Football club in France, and have been unlucky in the UEFA Champions League recently. They’ve been having lots of near-success stories in lifting the cup, and Messi’s arrival is believed to help them in solving the puzzle.

And when it’s heard that Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be a free agent, and is yet to renew his deal with his current club, speculations started setting in. PSG seems to be among the top clubs interested in the Legend, seeing that they’ve approached him several times. And in a post-covid era, where clubs like Juventus are battling with funds, offloading the Legend seems to be amongst the many advice they’ve received, and PSG seems to be at the top of those clubs, who could easily pay the Legend’s wages without being affected.

And the clamor continues by lovers of sports, with rumors of secret meetings between transfer against.

The world would be excited to have that marriage of the legendary rivals. And I, like some football journalists believe, see it as the greatest way to bow out of football in grand style. Giving humans a taste of “dream league” would be the greatest topic ever, on sports. Imagine both fans coming together to love both of them for their individual contributions, and not worry about who’s better.

Even the devil will smile on his bed, and would also shout “amazing!”


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