Tuface Idibia Insults Nigerians For Daring To Interfere In His Marriage Affairs?

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When a wife falls out with the husband on certain issues, reactions are expected from several quarters regarding who is at fault. However, people only have opinions on the situation, if they at first, are aware of the dispute.

My parents would quarrel over something, and I’m the only one aware of it sometimes because they do well to hide it from my siblings.  It’s also obvious that there are times they hide it from me too. I believe this is the case in many homes, as disagreements between couples are inevitable.

But when you make the public aware of your family issues, be ready to be subjected to several levels of censuring, even from people who ordinarily, are unqualified to make a statement about your predicament.

Annie Idibia – the wife of Tuface Idibia – recently dragged her husband to the market square for slaughter, when she publicly expressed her anger over what seemed to be implying that the African Queen crooner has something going on with his Baby Mama who is the mother of his three kids. He had travelled outside the country to spend some time with his kids, and ended up sharing the same hotel room with them and their mother Pero.

A lot of people started making unchecked remarks after Annie had expressed her anger through Instagram posts and audio. And of course, the opinions were divided into people who supported her, those who supported Tuface, and those who were neutral.

When the hullaballoos became too much, Tuface broke his long silence on the issue by making this statement:

“I will not sit back and watch everybody have a free for all battle in the name of love and solidarity.”

Some fans saw it as an insult, forgetting that he is at liberty to express his displeasure with the manner in which the issue was escalating.

I think Nigerian celebrities should learn to settle their issues in private, especially when it has to do with their love life. This is because, a greater percentage of the issues that make it to the media, end up draining them emotionally, given the unsolicited remarks of both friends, fans, well-wishers, and especially, foes.

This is same with ordinary couples. It is safer to settle your disputes in private, than letting the general public into your mess. If the public are able to see the ugly side of your relationship, there’s a high possibility the issue will never be resolved – it usually leads to a break up.

Written by: Edward Amah

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