Uche Maduagwu Roasts Regina Daniels Over N10m Credit Alert From Her Billionaire Husband She Showed Off!

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Nollywood actress and billionaire wife Regina Daniels has come under fire from controversial actor Uche Maduagwu for sharing a credit alert receipt that her husband Ned Nwoko had given her.

Recall that on Monday, the actress Daniels shared a screenshot of her credit alert on her Instagram page, showing that her husband had paid her N10 million as gratitude for supporting his campaign.

Uche couldn’t help but call it a show-off, considering how millions are perishing in poverty in the same senatorial district Ned, the billionaire husband, hails from and decided to respond by saying the show-off was unnecessary and improper in a comment section.

He said, “This show-off is preposterously unnecessary and absurdly insensitive.

“Delta North people are living in so much poverty, especially with the floods, as the wife of a politician seeking their votes in 2023, posting this is so insensitive.”

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Nigerians also slam the actress for also revealing such information to the public.

yinka_olori_afolabi said ,” Please, this post is of what value. We should stop misleading our younger generation. If your husband dash you money na him responsibility.

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lucie_mine said,” What’s the meaning of this message? Too much information over the internet, yeah you are happy, you are well loved, yeah your hubby spoils you; pls keep it to yourself. I see no reason for sharing this over the internet with anybody. Be wise.

christablemartins said, “Dear Mrs Ned, you’re endangering yourself by exposing too much, you can say the gift but no need to mention the amount.
“So many celebs receive more than that, they don’t broadcast it on social media, please limit that. I hope you understand.

southeast247 said, “Is that not the same reason you accepted to marry him? Is it not for the money?

“Diddys’ girlfriend dumped him because he reduced her monthly allowance from 500k dollars to 200k dollars. Ordinary girlfriend oo. Madam no dey disturb us.

amaka_ibekilo_okoye said, “The show be wash wash!! She’s consoling herself and deceiving the young ones!!!

exciting.food.and.lifestyle said, “The dey Nigerians understand that being a good politician has nothing to do with show of wealth,

“Rather, declaration of personal wealth before taking oath of office is needed for transparency, in case of control for accountability while in office; while competence and integrity are part of the virtue needed to serve.
“Then and only then would Nigeria begin to move forward. Don’t be fooled when the share of money by politicians is in the forefront of electoral campaign.
“Once in power, they loot it back, then you guys are troubled with corruption. You haven’t started yet. Weaponised poverty is here to stay as long as Nigerians continue with such mindset.
“Here in France government finance the parties that meets the percentage of vote in perspective to avoid electoral corruption and external influence that may later affect integrity in decision making in governance.
“In this way corruption is controlled too and they have no obligation towards nobody but the people.”

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