Up to 100 Nigerian students Faces Deportation in the UK over Cancellation of Scholarship fund!

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Up to 100 Nigerian students in UK could be facing deportation from the country after the government canceled their scholarship. According to UK Telegraph, the cancellation of their bursary scheme by a regional agency in Nigeria might put an end to their education and they may be departed before Christmas.

Based on the report, some of the students owe up to £20,000 as they were not informed before their scholarship was canceled.

Some of them who have completed their academic calendar were told that they would not receive their certificates.

British lawmaker, Robert Halfon, has urged universities in the UK to try and help students rather than making things hard for them.

He said: “Whilst some universities have done the right thing, it appears outrageous and unacceptable from those who won’t help these students in complete distress, and are holding a loan over the heads like a ransom.

“Universities should be using their bursaries and other funds to support these students, and I hope that the government will be able to step in to find a solution.

“If universities are going to take money from governments overseas, known to be in difficult political circumstances, we should look at introducing compulsory insurance agreements to ensure this does not happen again.” he concluded.

The Nigerian high commission in its reaction said the government has approved additional funding for 87 students.

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