Volkswagen Says Final Goodbye To The Beetle With Emotional Animation | Video

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One of the world’s earliest car is bowing out.

German car giant Volkswagen has paid tribute to its legendary car, the VW Beetle after 70 years of production.

In 2019, the company announced that it will end the manufacturing of its Beetle car.

To say its final goodbye to the iconic model, Volkswagen released an emotional animated short that tells the story of the Beetle.


Titled The Last Mile, the short follows a young boy and his major life milestones.

It starts with the young boy’s father bringing the Beetle back home for the first time. Soon, the boy’s learning to drive and going on dates. He eventually owns the Beetle.

The boy develops into a fine young man. He falls in love, starts a family, and watches his daughter and family grow.

In the end, the young man ultimately grows into an elderly statesman and the Beetle vanishes into the sky amidst crowd of people and much farewells.

Join Volkswagen to say a final goodbye to the Beetle with this emotional video below:


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