Why We  Recognise & Award Business Owners, Entrepreneurs Annually – MM Marketing Director Tunde Sodeinde!

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During our exclusive interview with Marketing Ministers founder and director Mr Tunde Sodeinde, he talked about MM Business Dinner and recognition and why they reward business owners and enterprenures annually. “Our strategy is to make sure we develop, build and promote more entrepreneurs all over UK and beyond‘. He said. Below is the full interview.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and also tell us what MM Business Dinner and recognition awards is all about?

My name is Tunde Sodeinde, I am the Marketing & Strategy Director Of Marketing Ministers UK. MM Business Dinner, Awards & Recognition is an annual celebration of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs in the UK. This includes business owners we have developed in our Organization; Marketing Ministers UK. The idea was born based on the fact that, entrepreneurs and business start-Up owners don’t get appreciated and encouraged enough for taking bold steps when starting businesses.

How long how you been running this dinner and award event?

This will be our 5th year of appreciating Entrepreneurs and Business owners in the UK. However, we started our Business development and Marketing organisation years before that time.

Who can attend this event?

The event is for all, especially, those who want to start a businesses, or those who are already in business but need more knowledge and inspiration to move higher and learn more about business strategies, tactics and tricks.

How will the event benefit young entrepreneurs or individual who is looking into becoming one?

It’s very simple. Our slogan is “More Practicals, Less Theory”. We believe in practicality. I advise young entrepreneurs or anyone who are thinking of starting a business to attend the event to see for themselves practical, physical and successful businesses we started from the scratch. They will not only meet people who have walked in the same road they want to set foot on, they will be able to network, mingle and have the courage to solidify their plans or dreams regarding their businesses amongst other trivial things.

Why do you see the need to award and bring together Africans who run their own businesses here in the UK under one roof?

I have said it above, running a business  is tough. It is very good to encourage , motive, inspire and reward bold new business owners, entrepreneurs who amidst all odds venture into business journeys. All over the world, entrepreneurs win. There is a saying; ‘Birds of the same feathers flock together’, to be in the same room with like minded people is a powerful tool. both for startups, individuals and organisation who are already in business for lets say over 20 years or more.

What are your future plans for MM after the event?

Our plan is to make sure we develop, build, promote more entrepreneurs all over UK and beyond in a professional manner.

Can someone who doesn’t leave in the UK benefit from the MM Awards? if so, how?

Yes, we have awarded business owners outside the UK. We have registered clients in Nigeria, USA, Canada and so forth. In this day of ‘Social Media and the Internet’, nothing is impossible, this is one of the ways we network and communicate with our clients outside the UK. We’re planning on developing this area even further in the nearest future.


What should business owners expect on the 29th of July?

A Corporate glamorous evening, top notch motivational event, Inspiration from entrepreneurs in business, Awards, Dance , Rewards, Fun and everything great to help them grow in their various businesses and ventures.

Can one pay online to attend the event? How about at the door on the day of the event?

Presently, all payments are to be made online. No gate takings. Attendees can go to www.mmbusinessdinner.co.uk 

When does the event start and end?

Starts By 4pm and ends 11pm

Are there any other information or details you will like to share with us regarding the event?

There is an entrepreneur in all of us, I am inviting individuals who would like to venture into any kind of business and those who are already in business to attend this event, bring your friends. It’s  a corporate dinner of Business owners and Entrepreneurs . Or simply come and get inspired and build the courage. No matter what the situation is, you can still start your own successful business. There is no better place to be at the end of this month than in an environment which can change your life for good.

Thank you very much for your time. You do an amazing job helping businesses and individuals who want to grow in the entrepreneur and business world. It has been a pleasure speaking with you.

MM Business Dinner and Recognition Awards takes place Saturday, July 29th at the Boothroyd Hall, Castle Green, Gale St, RM9 4UN. 

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