“Yahoo Boys Are Still Learning” — Korra Obidi Laments As She Drags Self Bank Account With Mexican Fraudsters (video)

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  • Dancer, Korra Obidi, who is a mother of two has cried out narrating her encounter at the hand of Mexican fraudsters who accessed her debit card and bought chicken wings worth $200 with it.
  • According to the dancer via her Facebook page, her bank in America was swift enough to block access to the card before further damage was done to her savings.
  • In a Facebook live video, the ‘Live my life’ singer, lamented how her credit card was allegedly debited multiple times at an airport restaurant in Mexico.

Korra Obidi reminded her followers again why she is in love with America by narrating how her bank in America was swift enough to block access to the card before further damage was done to her credit card after about $500 was already spent in fast food orders. Laughing it out, the said Yahoo boys of Nigeria are learners.

Korra said;

“Guys, first thing has happened in Mexico. I just got seven notifications…remember that place…the place that had the Margarita ville…that I bought a $35 Margarita from?

They have been charging this card for different fast foods, $225 here, $225 there. I’ve not even eaten dinner and someone is already been charging my card for different things.

“Remember that place that I told you that I felt like I was scammed; at the airport…the place that had a drink for $10 and all of a sudden the drink is $35. I just got a security alert from wings stop…someone has spent my credit card on some wings, and then I got another alert for some fast food, $285 of my money on wings.

“This is worse than Lagos, we are learning in their hands. Yahoo dey learn for their hand. Yahoo yahoo boys need to come and learn work from Mexicans’ hands.

“I’ve called the Bank of America. Thank God for the most amazing bank ever. I called them in five seconds, someone picked up the call and they blocked this card. I can’t eat, but they said they’re going to give me my money back,” she said.

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