Yul Edochie On Social Media Trolls: ‘The World Is a Tough Place So You Must Be Tougher’

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It is no longer news that cyber bullying is one of the greatest problems facing social media users today.

Nowadays, it is common for an individual to hide behind the safety of a keyboard and spew negative words that has the ability to cause physical or emotional distress to its recipient in varying degrees.

While most people may refrain from answering back at the barrage of abuse, others relish the idea of hitting back harder with similar degrading comments.

Popular Nollywood actress Yul Edochie is in line with those who prefer to blast their trolls. The actor recently took to social media via his Twitter page to advice people facing online bullying on how to deal with their bullies.

Yul Edochie

According to the movie star, the world is a though place and only those with thick skin can survive. So Instead of break down over abusive comments on social media, it is better to ignore or blast the person back.

“The world is tough. So you must be tougher. You need a very thick skin to survive. When some1 insults you or your family on social media, DO NOT LET IT BREAK YOU DOWN. Use 1 of these 2 options. A: Ignore and block the person. Or B: insult the person 25 times more, then block,” he tweeted.

It comes after former BBNaija housemate TBoss took to Instagram to lament over the numerous hate comments her infant baby was subjected to barley few days after she showed her off on social media.

The reality TV star was reduced to tears as she took to her Instagram page in a live video session to fire back at those who mocked her daughter’s looks.

Despite the insults, the single mother maintained that her daughter remains her greatest achievement in life and is deeply cherished by family and friends.

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