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Do You Know The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?


Bellow are some symptoms of Lung Cancer and how to go to your #GP or Doctor to get the help you need.

10 Yummy-Mummy Looks Regina Daniels Served Us Since Welcoming Her 2nd Child


Movie star Regina Daniels Has Transformed her fashion Since Giving Birth To Baby Number 2. If Regina Daniels is known for one other thing apart from her movies, it’s how fashionable and well she often dresses, which is screaming classy these days.

The 22 years old Nollywood actress and her 62 year old husband, Ned Nwoko recently welcomed their second child and ever since then, the new mom have been serving us hot, hot when it comes to fashion and swag.


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Before we go into more details, Regina Daniels recounted how she was not ready when she had her son, stating she was insistent on living her youthful life, but Munir’s arrival brought numerous significant changes into her life.

She said in an Instagram post…

“thanking God for blessing me with this adorable little one and just can’t help but share it with the world. I can’t believe I birthed the same baby twice”

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However, since Regina had her second child, the Nollywood sweetheart has stepped up her game when it comes to fashion. Regina Daniels doesn’t dress like your regular 22-year-old but like a classy woman in her 30s, Dripping with elegance. Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at ten times the ‘Enemy Within’ star served us some Yummy Mummy Gorgeous Looks.

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The mother of two who has taken on a new trend in her fashion style, giving us some “woman of virtue vibe”, see photos;


Regina Daniels at Petra The Lost City has chosen to serve some Arabian looks

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This is definitely the “feeling good” sensation and the actress know exactly just how to give her noble looks.

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Mother of two sitting pretty In one of the traditional parlour in “mount Ned”

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Regina Daniels looks absolutely adorned in grace in this fourth look.

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This fifth look has got the damsel looking gorgeous in soft heals and corporate wear.

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Regina’s smart outfit is totally beautiful in this 6th look – her sunglasses giving the ready to vibe energy.

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This photo displays all mummy vibe in the flowing Ankara outfit

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Regina even as a mother of two isn’t ready to step down in her fashion moves, she’s advanced her game with a whole womanly energy in black.

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Regina Daniels decided to offend with #Fendi in her first outing after giving birth. The baby girl despite keeping is simple with a pair of Jeans and T-shirt, still looked classy. The funny part is that you wouldn’t know that she just gave birth to a whole human a few days ago here.

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Finally, her tenth look is painting a picture of the actress keeping her cool while her mum looks after her. You can tell Regina Daniels is enjoying the yummy mummy soft, like in the 3rd slice of these photos where she rocked a baby blue summer dress.

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Which one of these 10 Regina Daniels yummy mummy looks is your favourite?

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle & All Members Of The Royal Family Cancel All Activities & Gathers By The Queen’s Bedside

Ghanainan born award-winning Actress, Singer, Producer and Humanitarian, Juliet Ibrahim turned a year older today.  Marking her Birthday, the beautiful celeb released and shared some new pictures with her fans and well wishers. Check them out below.…

Prince Harry and His wife Meghan Markle have headed to Scotland to join the rest of the royal family amid reports of The Queen’s failing health. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were initially dfues to attend the Wellchild Awards in London tonight but have to cancel to be on the queen’s side.

Prince Charles tralled to Balmoral by helicopter and is reportedly already by the by The Queen’s side, along with his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Williams and Kate have also travelled to the Royal Highland Estate to be with the queen in what is feared to be a critical time.

Despite The queen being 96 years of age, according to British law, any statement about the Queen’s health is deemed to be rare and suggests the situation is serious. It is also significant that all of her immediate family drops whatever activities and travel to be with her at such time.

Minutes before the statement, the new Prime Minister Liz Truss was handed a note in the Commons informing her of the development as she was revealing her plans to cap energy bills for the next two years.

The Prime Minister, who was sworn in by The Queen at Balmoral on Tuesday, August 6th tweeted: ‘The whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from Buckingham Palace this lunchtime. 

‘My thoughts – and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom – are with Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time.’

A statement from Buckingham palace, Published early today, the 8th of August reads;

‘Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision.

The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral”

How To Spot A Male & Female Romance Scammer By Nkechi Bainze


These days, it’s very easy to be fooled online, especially in the romance department. Social media commentator Nkechi Bainze has taken some time to explain how to spot a romance scammer or catfish as they’re fondly called, you know, finding someone who is single, perfect and ready for a new hot romance, she advises singletons to run for their dear life if it’s too good to be true. Explaining with different scenarios, Nkechi said;

If he chats you up and tells you he is a widower/divorcee single father who works in the Oil Rig and his child stays with his mother. So, he wants to remarry a woman who will be his daughter’s mommy….. nne, he is a ROMANCE SCAMMAR!

A day or 2 after you start chatting, he will tell you he loves you and wants to marry you.

Very soon, his mother or child will fall sick and he would be unable to send hospital bills from the Oil Rig, or have restricted access to his bank account, and he will need you to help him out.

Nne, he is a CATFISH. RUN Ben Johnson, or Usain Bolt!

– If he is in the Army, posted to a place with poor network, so he can’t do video call with you. However, he has fallen in love with you and can’t wait to be with you.

Shortly after, his mother, father, sibling, child or dog or cat falls sick and he is unable to send money so he needs you to borrow him money that he will easily pay you back when he gets back…. CATFISH/ROMANCE SCAMMAR!

Nne, Usain Bolt!

– If she’s very beautiful like a doll/model, young and attractive. But she is in love with you and wants to marry you. She’s always having excuses for why she can’t do video calls. And, she needs money to do anything.


Ben Johnson, Usain Bolt, or just FLY!!!

– If he is so attractive, a single man or single father who is into buying and selling of Gold and/or Diamonds, or “importer and exporter”. And soon after meeting him, he needs money urgently to clear his goods.


Run nne, RUN. Or borrow wings and fly!

Most romance scammars are dumbb, and they use stale tricks. I don’t understand how people keep falling for these.

They prey on lonely men and women, especially if they perceive you are desperate for a partner.

Their main targets are over 30 never married ladies, and over 40 windows, widowers and divorcees.

These are the tricks over 90% of Yahoo-Yahoo guys use on people abroad, especially people in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Romance scam costs Canada over $15Million per year, costs Australia over $18Million per year, and costs the US and UK even much more per year.


If it is too good to be true, it’s most likely NOT true.

If he/she starts telling you they love you and wants to marry you soon after you start chatting, and later start asking for money, there’s a 99% chance he/she is trying to CATFISH and scam you.

If you are on an online relationship with someone you have never met and he or she starts asking you for money, feel free to reach me inbox to help you investigate if the person is real.

Credit: – Nkechi Bianze

Mercy Chinwo Says Final ‘YES I DO’ In Traditional & White Wedding Held In Grand Style

Mama Africa, Yemi Alade just released her best dance visual yet for the music video of her afro-pop dance anthem “Koffi Anan”. The energetic dance visual is directed by prolific cinematographer Paul Gambit. Check out the music video below. The Philkey…

Famous gospel musician, Mercy Chinwo, is on the receiving end of best wishes from her family, friends, and fans, following her traditional and white wedding ceremony which took place in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on Friday, August 12, and Saturday August 13th 2022 respectfully.


The Nigerian singer had formerly held her court wedding with her hubby, Blessed Uzochikwa, on Thursday, August 4, in the Ikoyi registry. The latest couple in town took a week’s rest before holding the grand traditional wedding and white wedding which played out to be a perfect success.

One remarkable moment during the wedding ceremony was the mother-daughter hour, mercy admitted.”One of my most Remarkable moments ❤😍❤Nothing beats a Mothers Love


The singer of the popular song; Excess Love, as well as her hubby, was dressed up in exquisite traditional attire and it was only a matter of minutes before pictures and videos of the ceremony flooded the internet.

The couple later had their final wedding ceremony known as white wedding the next day and it was exquisite and beautiful just as expected.

Fans worldwide took time to congratulate her on her new status and wished her a blissful marital experience with her husband, Mr. Blessing Uzochikwa.

Eniola Badmus’s Body transformation Sparks Mixed Reactions

Congolese singer Papa Wemba is dead. The singer died after collapsing on stage in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. He was one of Africa's most popular musicians and a leading figure in the World Music scene. A report from a private morgue in Abidjan where his…

Eniola Badmus new body transformation sparks mixed reactions on social media.

The Nollywood actress shares a previous photo of herself right beside a photo revealing her new look. In the descriptions section, however the Omo Ghetto actress admitted that the journey hasn’t been easy.

Eniola who was a plus size woman has been making efforts to look slimmer for several years now. In 2021, she finally cracked the code and within months drastically lost a lot of weight. Her above post on Instagram, however drew streams of reactions on her comment section, amazed on her new look. While some were shocked, others commented in disbelieve.

Nevertheless, questions as to how she arrived at this body fit wasn’t left out., although the caption on her post says…

“Wasn’t an easy journey………Oju ri tooooo”

Her post left people figuring out if the actress actually worked out her body fit or went under the knife. See some comments below;

In another post however, the actress revelled that this slimmer or beautiful version of her doesn’t gossip.

See more photos of Eniola Badmus…

How Nollywood Star Eniola Badmus Body Transformation Started – Press Play

BBNaija Beauty Tukura Apologizes For Being Rude And Evicted As Her Fans Kick Start Petition To Bring Her Back

Hosted by the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt, Friday, June 12 saw the official unveiling of Shina Peller’s Aquila Records and its official recording artists Tilla, Base One and Que Peller, to the African music landscape, at the long awaited ‘Save The Date’ lau…

The 2019 Miss Nigeria winner, Beauty Takura who joined the 2022, Big Brother Nigeria Reality Show dubbed, Level UP, is looking back at her bad attitude and begging her fans to forgive her. The 43rd Miss Nigeria queen got disqualified from the show on Sunday, August 7th 2022; following a series of events involving herself and her crush, Groovy.

Groovy was on the receiving end of Beauty’s ‘drama’ when she vented her rage upon him over his alleged with another housemate, Chomzy. Beauty went as far as throwing her wig and glasses at him after lengthy arguments.



The former Miss Nigeria queen was soon evicted from Biggie’s house. Finally reacting, she explained that her actions were an infringement of one of the rules in the TV show.

A couple of days after her eviction, the 24 year of Beauty queen is granting interviews and has taking to her social media platforms in tears. She publicly apologized to her fans for how she got evicted from the show over silly issues.

“To everybody who’s been riding with me, loving me, thank you. I’m sorry I left like this,” said Beauty.

Also, her fans are trying everything possible and have kick started a petition to bring the ‘two weeks’ reality tv star back into the show. The petition has generated over 3000 signatures from her die hard fans and counting.

Many are sad, crying that she was the LIFE of the SHOW and she only dished pure entertainment. They also claimed she was the only housemate carrying the show on her shoulders all this while.

Will this petition bring back Beauty into BBNaija House?

“I’m Moving On Thank You” – Singer Grand P Unleashes Five-Star Playboy Attitude


Guinean singer, Grand P, is pulling one of the greatest playboy stunts ever by getting into yet another relationship, months after proposing to his Ivorian girlfriend Eudoxi Yao.

Grand P whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba is a Guinean singer, actor and politician whose marriage proposal to his ex-fiancée, Eudoxi Yao brought him more popularity than he ever had as acclaimed.

Grand P and Eudoxi broke up in July 2021 to end an unstable relationship, after Eudoxi accused him of infidelity and made a public announcement of their break up. Later on, some photos were released confirming Eudoxi’s claim of infidelity.


He had previously proposed live on TV to the curvy actress had just broken up with her again.

However, all these claims couldn’t stop the ‘stuntman’ from striking again as he proposed to Eudoxi live on TV, in March 2022

5 months later, Grand P confirms why he is among the greatest playboys in town as he was seen yet again with another woman said to be his new girlfriend, and it appears that his engagement with Eudoxi Yao, has been broken off.

Eudoxi and alleged new boyfriend

According to Gambia platform on Facebook, Grand P’s ex, Eudoxi Yao is allegedly dating Grand M, just to get back at grand P.

Miss Pride Of Africa UK Returns After A Two Years Break 


The Pageant with a heart of charity and a soul of female empowerment was put on pause due to covid 19.

This month, the organisers of the prestigious beauty pageant are pleased to announce that the event will be happening bigger and better than before, taking centre stage once again.

Miss Pride of Africa UK is a beauty pageant fostered to promote African Beauty, Unity, Talent as well as heritage worldwide.

Founded in 2015, the pageant aims at grooming the African female youths into women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, United Kingdom and the whole world at large, aiming to have all contestants taking pride in their African descent, heritage, culture and as well as giving back to communities back in the UK and their respective African countries of origin.

Being a pageant full of a heart of charity and a soul of female empowerment, on the return this year, the organisers are looking for females full of beauty, Intelligence, Talent, Elegance, Poise and most importantly, a good heart.

For the past years, the pageant has given back to different countries like Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Guinea Conakry, and in the UK under the theme “We Are More Than A Beauty Pageant”.


1st Audition

Date: 13th August 2022

Time: 1pm (1300hrs)

Address: Club 701

516 Old Kent Road



2nd  Audition

Date: 28th August 2022

Time: 1pm (1300hrs)

Address: Club 701

516 Old Kent Road



Applicants are advised to register online via or via email before they can attend the auditions.



The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, AMVCA, shut down Lagos for its tenth edition on May 11th. As expected, top guns, celebrities, and nominees in film, television, entertainment, and social media content creation graced the prestigious event in their best outfits. But only a few turned heads on the red carpets. One of them is a Ghanaian-style icon, Nana Akuaaddo, who not only pulled this 3D Masterpiece outfit but also ate it and left no crumbs.
Unsurprisingly, after the actress shared photos of her exquisite and equally artistic outfit on Instagram, it sparked flowery compliments from many top fashion icons and her colleagues, who could not stop loving the dress. Nana’s futuristic dress also got people praising and saying that she should have won Best Dressed Celebrity at the award show. If you think about it, they are not too far from the truth.
Unfortunately, the conversation around the one-of-a-kind outfit was watered down moments later after Nigerian tailor Ezinne Olivia began to expose the actress and the credited designer, Yolanda Koomson, for recognition. But Yolanda, also known as Yoli, shared video evidence that she designed the dress, and Nana has threatened to sue the Nigerian tailor over a breach of their agreement.
In the heat of the matter, many celebrities have been dropping their two cents, and it looks like someone is in a big big trouble because of this dress. Is the dress worth it?

Press Play


Case Adjourns As Skitmaker Lord Lamba Allegedly Fails To Appear In Court Amid Child Custody Battle With Queen Mercy 


A Magistrate Court sitting in Ogba, Lagos State, has adjourned the child custody proceedings between Queen Mercy Oyekanmi and Promise Anagbogu, aka Lord Lamba, to July 18 for hearing.

This comes after Lord Lamba failed to show up at court during one of the hearing sessions to fight for custody over his daughter.

According to a source: “Today was the court hearing and Queen was there but her baby daddy didn’t show up. His lawyer didn’t come; instead, he sent his assistant to represent him. Because he didn’t appear in court, his lawyer requested a new date, so it was adjourned to 18th of July for hearing.”

It was earlier alleged that Lord Lamba filed a child custody petition without giving Queen Mercy Atang’s notice.

Allegedly, the matter had been presided over twice, without Queen Mercy Atang’s knowledge.

Upon investigation by her lawyers, Queen Mercy Atang was made aware of the court date, and Lord Lamba didn’t show up.

The drama between Lord Lamba and Queen Mercy Atang first unfolded when she made the news of her engagement public.

Shortly after Queen Mercy Atang’s engagement announcement, Lord Lamba posted pictures of himself and their daughter on Instagram for the first time ever since she was born in 2022.

Lord Lamba’s post raised a lot of brows, with netizens calling him out for being jealous over Queen Mercy Atang’s engagement.

After he made the post featuring his daughter, Queen Mercy Atang posted a skirt featuring herself and Nasty Blaq. The storyline of the skit looked similar to her current situation, and this left netizens baffled.

The drama with Lord Lamba didn’t stop Queen Mercy Atang from marrying her U.K.-based husband. It was a huge hit in the media, and it had a lot of coverage on social media.

During her wedding, a lot of BBNaija alums showed up and supported her. It was a glamorous all-white event that featured a lot of reality television stars.

The huge showout during her wedding proved just how much influence Queen Mercy Atang held in her hands.

Despite the fact that she’s influential, the drama with Lord Lamba is one of her first and only public spats. Queen Mercy Atang has maintained a low profile, which has kept her out of trouble.

“Please Don’t Do Anything To My Baby That You Are Carrying” AY Makun Sends Message To BBNaija Alex Unusual Amid Pregnancy Speculation 


Comedian AY Makun has finally addressed the swirling rumours that he is expecting a child with BBNaija ex-housemate Alex Unusual, setting the internet ablaze.

The rumours, which spread like wildfire, alleged that AY and Alex were having an affair and that she was pregnant with his child.

These claims surfaced shortly after AY and his wife, Mabel Makun, publicly came out clean about their marital issues.

Following an extended break from social media, Alex Unusual broke her silence in a compelling video posted on her page.

Although she didn’t directly confront the rumors, her response was anything but subtle.

In a clever and sophisticated manner, Alex indirectly dismissed the allegations, underscoring the importance of facts over fiction.

The BBNaija star went a step further by reciting Nigeria’s cybersecurity laws, reminding everyone of the legal repercussions of spreading false information online.

In a swift and unexpected move, AY Makun ignited a social media storm by dropping a bombshell comment on Alex Unusual’s post.

He cheekily instructed Alex to take good care of “his baby,” whom she was rumoured to be carrying, alluding to the swirling rumours.

Adding a razor-sharp edge to his remark, he mentioned that they must entertain the idle minds concocting these fabrications online.

Ay wrote; “Above all. Please don’t do anything to my baby that you are carrying. We must entertain all the jobless people on social media”

This comes in the wake of an unconfirmed report by gossip blog Gistlover, alleging that Alex Unusual was carrying AY Makun’s baby, had a miscarriage, and then became pregnant again.

Full Details Why AY & Mabel Makun’s Marriage Crisis Gave Their Enemies A Weapon Of Destruction 

5 Complications from Prolonged Tobacco Use


Tobacco use remains a significant public health concern globally, with long-term consumption leading to a plethora of severe health complications. Despite widespread awareness campaigns, many individuals continue to use tobacco, often underestimating its potential to cause lasting harm. This post explores five critical complications arising from prolonged tobacco use.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Prolonged tobacco use is a major contributor to cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which include coronary artery disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. Nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco smoke damage the lining of blood vessels, leading to the build-up of plaque (atherosclerosis). This restricts blood flow and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, carbon monoxide from smoke reduces oxygen in the blood, forcing the heart to work harder, thus exacerbating heart-related issues.

2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a group of lung conditions that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is predominantly caused by long-term smoking. The inhaled tobacco smoke irritates and inflames the respiratory tract, leading to mucus build-up, narrowed airways, and damaged lung tissue. This results in breathing difficulties, chronic cough, and reduced lung function, severely impacting the quality of life. COPD is a progressive disease with no cure, making prevention through smoking cessation crucial.

3. Cancer

Tobacco use is a leading cause of various cancers, most notably lung cancer. Carcinogens in tobacco smoke damage the DNA in cells, leading to mutations that can cause cancer. Lung cancer remains the most common and deadliest form of cancer linked to smoking. However, tobacco use also significantly increases the risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, kidney, and cervix. Quitting smoking markedly reduces the risk of developing these cancers, although former smokers still carry a higher risk than those who never smoked.

4. Respiratory Infections

Prolonged tobacco use compromises the immune system, making smokers more susceptible to respiratory infections like pneumonia and influenza. The cilia in the respiratory tract, responsible for filtering out pathogens, are damaged by tobacco smoke, reducing their effectiveness. This impairment, coupled with the overall weakened immune response, means that smokers are not only more prone to infections but also face longer recovery times and more severe symptoms compared to non-smokers.

5. Reproductive Health Issues

Tobacco use adversely affects reproductive health in both men and women. In men, smoking is associated with reduced sperm count, decreased sperm motility, and increased risk of erectile dysfunction. In women, smoking can lead to decreased fertility, complications during pregnancy, and adverse outcomes such as preterm birth, low birth weight, and stillbirth. Additionally, smoking during pregnancy exposes the fetus to harmful chemicals, which can result in developmental issues and long-term health problems for the child.


The health complications of prolonged tobacco use are extensive and severe, affecting nearly every organ system in the body. Cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, various cancers, respiratory infections, and reproductive health issues are just a few of the critical health challenges that smokers may face. The best way to prevent these complications is to avoid tobacco use entirely or seek help to quit if currently using tobacco.

Police Arrest Cyber Bully Who Accuses E-money Of Sleeping With Junior Pope’s Wife And Having Hand In His Death


Famous businessman and billionaire Emeka Okonkwo, better known as E-money, has successfully arrested one of his accusers.

Recall that on May 17th, E-money launched a search for some people who accused him of sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, and also having a hand in the actor’s death on Facebook.

However, a few days later, E-money successfully apprehended a man who spearheaded the malicious claim with the help of the police.

The man had accused E-money of having some escapades with Junior Pope’s wife and being among those that caused the actor’s death.

He alleged that even while Junior Pope was alive, he was suspicious about his wife’s movements.

He added that E-money’s move to cater for Jnr. Pope’s children until they are mature is due to his romantic affair with Jnr. Pope’s wife.

In the video, the man further raged at E-money and his gang, whom he accused of plotting Jnr Pope’s death, stating that he can now have Jnr Pope’s wife to himself, hence he has succeeded in eliminating the actor.

Taking to Instagram to announce the arrest, E-money wrote:

“I’m relieved to share that one of the individuals responsible for the character assassination against me has been apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force and will face prosecution. This is a significant step towards ending the scourge of cyberbullying.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the diligent officers of the Nigerian Police Force for their unwavering commitment to justice.”

See the post below:

Meet The Newly Elected Deputy Mayor of Southwark – Sunny Lambe


Counselor Sunny Lambe has been announced as the new Deputy Mayor of Southwark.

Counselor Sunny announced the exciting news on May 22, 2024. In his reaction, he said:

“It is with great privilege and honour that I announce my election as the #DeputyMayor of Southwark this evening. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported me on this journey. Together, united in purpose, we are here to serve!

Pictures From The Ceremony In London

Congratulations once again, Deputy, for all your unwavering support and belief in our vision. May you embark on this new chapter with enthusiasm and dedication, working hand in hand to make positive changes in our community. The future is bright, and it is an honor to have you serve the community. Thank you!


Venting Is Not Gossip: Embrace the Art of Expressive Release


I used to find myself disheartened by the shortcomings of others, but I have evolved beyond that sentiment.

The expeditiousness with which individuals disappoint allows for their prompt removal from the realm of my hopeful contemplations.

Narc Abuse 101

In the realm of interpersonal communication, it is crucial to discern between gossip and venting, particularly when exploring their association with anger and narc-abuse. While venting is based on evidence of an injustice, seeking ramification or help. To dismiss venting as gossip and condemn it as evil is to overlook the nuanced complexities of human expression and the psychological benefits it can provide.

Sharing their experiences is a form of talking therapy or trauma dumping, and it is something that everyone needs — a friend to confide in, or a therapist. Does that mean therapists are now gossiping with their clients?

If you possess nothing to conceal, there should be no cause for concern regarding any statements made about you, particularly if they lack veracity. Consequently, you have the opportunity to refute them with factual evidence, if available, in a sincere manner. Narcissistic individuals experience a heightened state of agitation when confronted by their survivors who bravely unveil the truth of their abusive behavior, as it undermines their ability to manipulate and deceive through gaslighting. This is the crux of the tumultuous situation at hand.

This is the catalyst that ignited the “Me Too” movement in various regions, shedding light on how individuals such as Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Epstein and Jimmy Savile were able to conceal their malevolence behind a facade for an extended period. It is indeed a lamentable circumstance that the survivors endured the repercussions of an enduring and oppressive silence.

This detrimental practice of categorizing venting as gossip not only cultivates a negative atmosphere but also harms relationships, jeopardizing one’s mental and emotional health, all while narcissists adeptly portray themselves as victims.

On the contrary, venting represents a healthier avenue for the expression of frustrations or concerns, including anger, in a constructive and cathartic manner. The repression of anger, an unhealthy practice, breeds resentment, strains relationships, and fosters the internalization of emotions. Venting, however, affords individuals the opportunity to confront and address their anger head-on, thereby preventing its accumulation and mitigating the risk of detrimental consequences.

By engaging in venting, one embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. This process allows for the authentic and unfiltered expression of emotions, ultimately breaking the cycle of anger and nurturing one’s emotional well-being. It is imperative to grasp the distinction between gossip and venting, recognizing that the latter serves as a vital tool for personal development and the cultivation of healthy relationships.

Expressing one’s emotions through venting is akin to engaging in a form of therapeutic dialogue. It is imperative to approach this process with empathy and compassion. Perpetrators of abuse often resort to manipulative tactics, such as gaslighting through silence, in order to exert control over their victims. Labeling the act of venting as mere gossip serves as a fundamental tactic of gaslighting.

Interestingly, it is often those who vehemently condemn gossip that are the most adept practitioners of this deceitful art. These individuals, the masters of manipulation and gaslighting, skillfully wield gossip as a weapon to further their own agendas and undermine others. Beware the sly charms of these professional narcissists, for they possess an uncanny ability to distort reality and sow discord through their insidious gossip.

In conclusion, let us embrace the art of venting, for it is a noble pursuit that allows us to navigate the labyrinth of our emotions with grace and authenticity. Let us reject the toxic allure of gossip, recognizing its destructive nature and the harm it inflicts upon ourselves and those around us. As we embark upon this journey of self-expression, let us remember the hashtags #musicflexnchill, #gossip, and #venting, as they serve as reminders of the importance of finding solace in the harmonious melodies of our own emotional release.

When individuals are confronted about their questionable actions, they often respond defensively due to their ego being triggered. This reaction is quite predictable, as it is a common human response.


Oh Almighty and Merciful Father, we humbly beseech You to accept our fears and anxieties as we place them before Your divine presence.

In the face of the immense power of Your boundless love, we find solace and reassurance, realizing that there is no need for us to be burdened with worry.

With hearts filled with faith, we surrender ourselves to Your infinite wisdom and compassion, trusting that You will guide us through the trials and tribulations that we may encounter on our earthly journey.

In the sacred name of Jesus, we offer this prayer, seeking Your divine intervention and comfort. May Your divine grace envelop us, providing us with the strength and tranquillity to face any challenges that lie ahead. Amen.

Àrèmúorin is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. © 2023 Aremuorin All Rights Reserved

Yul Edochie Makes A U-Turn Preaches Forgiveness Amid Junior Pope’s Slander 


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has finally forgiven his late colleague, Junior Pope.

Africanglitz reported on Tuesday that Yul had opened up on why he didn’t mourn Junior Pope, revealing that he took Junior Pope as a brother and good friend and was there for him when he needed him; unfortunately, the late actor stabbed him repeatedly.

Noting how that’s life, he promised to drop the full details soon so others can learn from him, as he admonished others to care about what they wish others.

On his Instagram page, he stated that he has completely forgiven the late actor.

He, however, made it known that it hurt him deeply when a friend he loved, who took like a brother, stood for and showed love over the years, backstabbed him without remorse.

Sadly, that’s the world we live in, as he noted how humans are filled with flaws. Yul made it known that he has forgiven the late actor and wishes his family the best.

“Speaking about forgiveness. I forgive him completely. It hurts deeply when a friend you love, took like a brother, stood for and shown love over the years turns around to stab you in the back repeatedly without remorse.

Sadly that’s the world we live. Humans are filled with flaws. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

I forgive him & wish his family the very best”.

Yul also sent a message to Nollywood and humanity, stating that he hopes this serves as a wake-up call that life is short and unpredictable.

He noted that none of us would be on earth forever, and as such, we should bring back love and unity, as we gain nothing by trying to bring another person down.

“Dear Nollywood & humanity, I hope this serves as a wake-up call. Life is short & unpredictable. None of us will be here forever. Let us bring back love and unity amongst us.

You gain nothing by trying to bring another person down.

The sky is big enough for all of us to fly.

When you see your fellow man to woman having issues, don’t be that person who will add to the pain.

In this era of social media & monetized pages, resist the urge to use another person’s pain to create content or to trend.

You have no idea the damage you cause each time you do it & in the end, the outcome may not be what you expected.

We real what we sow.

Let us bring back love & unity and be there for one another.

Everybody is passing through one thing or the other, rather than make fun of the person, call that colleague on the phone and ask, how can I help?

Let us kill hate with love.

Rest well brother.

You made your mark here.

May God be with your family, comfort them and grant them the strength to bear”.

21 Miscarriages: Nabila Fash Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Husband Oritse Femi Following His Claims About Her In A Recent Interview


Nigerian singer Oritse Femi has gotten into another trouble, this time with his ex-wife, Nabila Fash, as she is set to sue him over his latest interview.

It was reported days ago that the singer had claimed in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that his ex-wife alleged that he was unable to get her pregnant, despite having 21 miscarriages for him.

Speaking out, Nabila Fash, through her attorney, said the allegations were fabricated. Her attorney accused the singer of defaming her and threatening their client.

According to her attorney, Rockson Igelige, Nabila never sent her friends to beat him up, nor did she have 21 miscarriages during their marriage.

Her lawyer is demanding that the singer stop defaming her, stop referring to her as his wife, and stop threatening anyone around her. He noted how Nabila filed for divorce, which the High Court of Lagos granted her on March 21, 2024.

Nabila’s attorney will further give him 14 days to retract his statements and threaten or risk facing legal charges, both criminal and civil.

The statement partly read: “We write to you to cease further defamation of and threats to our client. You know for a fact that the above-quoted statements, amongst others, that you made during the said interview are all concocted lies designed to disparage, tarnish, and damage our client’s character and to bring her to public ridicule and hostility.

“This is so as our client did not at any time. send any of her friends to beat you up nor had 21 miscarriages during her now judicially dissolved marriage to you. Our client takes exception to your defamatory aspersions designed to taint and destroy her reputation.”

We, therefore, demand that you cease defamatory statements against our client. We further demand that you immediately stop referring to our client as your wife and stop threatening anyone around her. Our client sued you for divorce (the dissolution of your marriage), and the High Court of Lagos State judicially dissolved the marriage on 21st March 2024,” he said.

Her lawsuit has stirred the internet, with one pointing out the double standard at which Nabila could make claims against him, yet he couldn’t do the same.

One Betty Okafor90 wrote, “Lol but when she went on an interview to say he was impotent he didn’t sue her

One Jennifer Enwefah wrote, “This man for just keep quiet and let sleeping dog lie as him dey since. Now he go open can of worms, oya nah. You have money for court case

One Greenpips Fx1417101 wrote, “Make she go relax, when someone decide to speak out and free their minds, it becomes a problem. Mumu generation

One Esenwa Vivian wrote, “This aren’t nice madam, wen u were saying things about him he didn’t say nothing not until now.

One Omabarbie wrote, “Sue person wey no get shishi. Just save ur money, u don spend enough abeg”.

To add to his list of woes, actress Caroline Danjuma threatened to sue him after he claimed that she was married to the late Tagbo and blamed his marriage to Nabila Fash on Caroline for influencing his wife into marrying him because of his money.

She issued a disclaimer, shutting down the report and making it known that she was only married to billionaire businessman Musa Danjuma, who is the father of her kids.

“Even Angela Sef No Gree The Guy Rest” Daddy Freeze Scold Angela Okorie For Her Reaction To Yul Edochie’s Post About Junior Pope’s Death


Media personality Daddy Freeze has tackled Nollywood actress Angela Okorie for slamming her colleague, Yul Edochie, over his statement on Junior Pope’s death.

Africanglitz reported on Tuesday that Yul had finally opened up on why he didn’t mourn Junior Pope, revealing that he took Junior Pope as a brother and good friend and was there for him when he needed him; unfortunately, the late actor stabbed him repeatedly.

Noting how that’s life, he promised to drop the full details soon so others can learn from him, as he admonished others to care about what they wish others.

Reacting to it, Angela Okorie slammed him, describing him as wicked for such a statement.

She admonished the actor to leave Junior Pope alone to rest, noting that his family and loved ones are still grieving him.

Taking to a blog’s comment section, Daddy Freeze noted the irony in which Angela is telling Yul to allow the deceased to rest, yet this has been trending for days over his death.

He wrote, “Even Angela sef no gree the guy rest”.

Recall that following the death of Junior Pope, Angela Okorie has been dragging his former best friend, Zubby Michael, for not publicly mourning him. She noted how Zubby is fighting everyone in the industry to be the number one.

She had also slammed him over his appearance at the funeral, stating that his presence was for propaganda’s sake and not for love.

She also dragged him over his outfit, comparing it to that of an occultist. To add to it, she dragged him for gifting the family cash.

On Tuesday, she addressed Nigerians, attributing her outburst to a mental breakdown and noting how people are channelling what she is saying to madness.

Sending a message to Zubby and Mercy Johnson, she stated that the only thing they know how to do is kill and destroy and urged them to keep paying people to tarnish her image; however, her truth must be told.

Zubby Michael CONFRONTED by Angela Okorie & Others for Attending Jnr Pope’s Funeral/Evil

“She’s In My DM Pricing Photo Editing 70% Discount” Studio Designer Accuses BBNaija Ka3na Of ‘Fake Life’ Despite Claims $900m Net Worth


In a surprising new development, a studio designer known as DettyStudio took to Instagram to call out popular Big Brother Naija housemate Katrina for allegedly begging him for discounts.

He expressed that she was lying about making $900 million while sleeping because she was currently in his DM pricing a photo editing for $3 and begging for a 70% discount to edit her.

He went on to call her out for being a fake celebrity while stating that she was always posting fake things to mislead people into believing that she was more superior than them.

In his words, he had this to say: “One Nigeria celebrity (big brother naija housemate) is lying that she made 900 million dollar while sleeping but she’s in my DM pricing photo editing of 3 dollar and begging for 70% discount to edit her Nyash

All these fake life celebrities, they post these fake things to mislead people into believing they are more superior than us. All these celebrities you see online claiming to have this and that are broke. Don’t believe anything you see on the gram”

Recall that yesterday, ex-BBN star Katrina took to her Instagram page to reveal that she was the richest widow in the world.

It was reported that she has acquired billions of naira by selling some of her late husband’s’ property.

The star took to her page to share the news of her latest achievements. She revealed that the sum of $900 million was credited to her while she was asleep.

She further shared the photos of her agents as she claimed that she was retiring as a young billionaire.

Angela Okorie Drags Yul Edochie Over His Post About Junior Pope Threatened To Open Up About Chinedu’s Death


Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has slammed her colleague, Yul Edochie, over his reason for not mourning their late colleague, Junior Pope.

Africanglitz reported that Yul had finally opened up on why he didn’t mourn Junior Pope, revealing that he took Junior Pope as a brother and good friend and was there for him when he needed him; unfortunately, the late actor stabbed him repeatedly.

Noting how that’s life, he promised to drop the full details soon so others can learn from him, as he admonished others to care about what they wish others.

Speaking on it, Angela Okorie, via her Instagram page, described him as wicked for such a statement.

She admonished the actor to leave Junior Pope alone to rest, as she noted how his family and loved ones are still grieving him.

She stated that this is one of the reasons she replies to her colleagues, yet people wonder why she does so.

“Ha What is this Hmmmmm

Wetin be this now E

After people will start asking why are my replying people

Imagine this kind of thing now

This just shows how wicked you are

The only thing be make I no remember anybody o

Make una leave Junior pop make he rest

His family and loved ones are still grieving and mourning

Over Junior pop, like what in God’s name is this

We are not ready to talk about things happening

Yul where is Chinedu that very black beautiful tall girl that died ,Rest o make we no raise am,

Respect the dead Junior pop is dead make una leave am make he rest nah. Ha”.

Recall that following Junior Pope’s death, Angela Okorie dragged Zubby for not publicly mourning JP, who was once his best friend.

She noted how Zubby is fighting everyone in the industry to be the number one.

She had also slammed him over his appearance at the funeral, stating that his presence was for propaganda’s sake and not for love.

She also dragged him over his outfit, comparing it to that of an occultist. To add to it, she dragged him for gifting the family cash.

Hours ago, Okorie finally addressed Nigerians, attributing her outburst to mental breakdown and noting how people are channeling what she is saying to madness.

Sending a message to Zubby and Mercy Johnson, she stated that the only thing they know how to do is kill and destroy and urged them to keep paying people to tarnish her image; however, her truth must be told.