10 Mohbad’s Songs with Hidden Messages That Predicted His Last Days

Mohbad death
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If you want to know an artist’s backstory and profound things about them, their songs are often the first place to start digging. In the case of Mohbad, the young and talented artist who passed away mysteriously on September 12 2023, prophesied his beginning and end.

While still alive, the singer and rapper was regarded as one of the biggest revelations the Afrobeat space has seen in a long time.

Imole’s music sound, melody, harmony, and rhythm all had a unique appeal. His voice texture and artistic expressions were also a refreshing wave for anyone who thought Afrobeat may have been stagnant until his arrival.

Even though Mohbad song lyrics had a street vibe, it’s clear that any lover of good music would have easily caught the vibe. But these were not the major highlights of Mohbad music.

The singer was an incredible storyteller who used his music as a powerful tool to paint vivid pictures about his life and transport listeners into his world. Some of the stories in his songs were happy, some sad, others ugly and extremely disturbing.

Now that Mohbad has passed, we have realised that the only way to phantom everything he went through from childhood to adulthood and the start of his promising career is to check out his song’s lyrics. What hidden message did he pass across? Did he hint about his bullying and possible plans to unalive him?

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Hmm, what a collection of sad experiences! 

If you watched till the end, what do you think about Mohbad’s songs, where he detailed his struggles and violent bullying at the hands of Naira Marley? 

Would you say the late singer predicted his death in Beast and Peace and Jah Is My Confidence? 

Or was he just sad and gloomy when he recorded these songs? 

Finally, do you agree that Mohbad told his tragic life story via his music?


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