A.K.A’s Death; ‘Anele Didn’t Commit Suicide’- LATE FIANCÉ ANELE TEMBE’s Father Insists, Sparking Revenge Speculation

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The African entertainment industry has since been thrown into mourning following chilling news that talented South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, life was cut short on February 10 2023, in Durban. While the police are still investigating if the hip hop star’s murder was premeditated, grieving fans have begun to speculate that a hit was ordered on the Fela In Versace hitmaker, either as revenge for his late fiancee, Nellie Tembe or for moving with the wrong crowd. As this argument takes over cyberspace, many are convinced it’s not a coincidence that AKA was targeted in Durban, the city Nelli hails from. Almost two years ago, AKA’s late fiancee, Anele Nelli Tembe, reportedly took her own life on April 11, 2021, after she jumped from the tenth floor of their hotel room at Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town.

However, many social media users privy to the celebrity couple’s love life maintained that AKA must have pushed her. Before the incident, reports of the couple engaging in arguments and disagreements surfaced on the internet. But after Nelli passing, anonymous sources reportedly close friends of the deceased released videos and pictures documenting the rapper’s aggressive behaviour towards Nelli. Unsurprisingly, AKA denied the accusations, making it clear that his fiancee was suicidal and her tendencies to end her life must have been exacerbated by drug and substance abuse. But her father, Moses Tembe, maintained during his daughter’s funeral that she was not suicidal and neither would she choose to end it all. This birthed speculation that her dad would not let sleeping dogs lie. Notably, South African Rapper and podcaster Nota Baloyi said that Nelli family is well-connected and not the type to let the tragic incident go without getting the correct answers.

Now, after AKA’s passing, rumours that it was a revenge shooting have begun to invade the air. But Nelli’s father’s heartwarming message to AKA family has left everyone confused as Moses Tembe, who expressed deep pain for the Forbes family, didn’t sound like a vengeful person. This begs the question yet again, was AKA tragic exit revenge for his late fiancee, ill luck or a result of moving with the wrong crowd? #Akasdeath #AKA #Akasburial

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