Actor Ugezu Expresses His Frustration That INEC is Resorting To The Old Analogue Way Of Collating Election Results

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Film director and actor Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu, better known as Ugezu, recently took to Instagram to air his displeasure at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for resorting to old and analogue ways of collating election results in the ongoing election.

The Anambra-born producer stated that as far back as November 2022, there were leaked reports about Mr. Yakubu, the chairman of INEC, and his bullion van merchandise planning to rig the election by not uploading polling unit level results in real-time. The actor claimed that Mr. Yakubu denied the allegation at the time, but the ongoing election process has proven otherwise.

The actor expressed his frustration at the fact that INEC refused to upload the results in real-time and instead resorted to the old analogue way of collating election results.

He believes that this has enhanced the possibility of rigging, and any competent court can cancel the entire election process. He did not mince his words when he referred to INEC as a joke.

He wrote. “Apparently as far back as Nov 2022 someone leaked info that Mr Yakubu and his bullion van merchandise already had plans to rig by not uploading polling unit level results in real time. He came out to blatantly deny it, and that’s exactly what we are witnessing now.

On INEC refusing to upload the results REALTIME, but resorted to the old analogue way that enhanced rigging, any competent court can cancel the whole process. INEC is a joke. 

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Reactions that trail Actor Ugezu comments

daveogbeni: “After all the ranting about Bvas machine. I’ve always known it’s all fallacy anyway. Shame to INEC”

blessedcogency1: “You told us one thing and did another. We are watching. Finish collation first”

kimberlyekezie: “Nigerian judicial system is even more corrupt. At this point, I think we are helpless”

ugochukwualbabale: “Una just they wake up about Nigeria and their gatekeepers…they don’t want anything right …if it’s right it can’t get to them

ourownsenator: “Jega did worse than this, and he is still alive buhari he gave us have come and gone. My people braze up we go again by God’s grace. Tinubu will come and go too. We have to hold those we send to National assembly and governors accountable. Pls let everyone go about their business. Use that energy vote on the 11th.”

officialdambo01: “Let’s divide tinubu rule the west, atiku the north and Peter obi the east and then south south to look for them own president. Simple

e_ejiro: “INEC uploaded the really results…because Peter obi is our next president and someone old fool and old criminals, we the Nigeria citizens we are try of suffering and hungry and killing 😂😂😂 once again INEC remember 2020 October 20th for the endsars protests I hope you INEC I don’t want that 😂😂😂 please INEC I beg you people’s with the name of any God you services…kindly read the real results 👏👏👏 let the Nigeria citizens have their president that is Peter obi 👏👏👏👏thank you.”

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