African Monarch Contribute Nothing To African Development & Are Almost Useless! – Oge Nsimah Shakes Table

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Social media commentator and relator Oge Nsimah has aired her opinion about the news of the Ooni of Ife taking a new wife literally every week for the past two months now.

Reacting to the news, the thought provoking social media commentator wrote;

‘Apart from marrying several wives and marriage saga, what other thing is Ooni of Ife known for? As a young digital Ooni with his power and influence in 2023, much is expected of him.

But I want to ask,
What has he achieved for the people of Ife.?

In Africa, the monarch is popular and known for marrying many fair and beautiful women.

While in saner climes, Monarchs are popular and known for technology development and service to humanity

Y’all give a standing ovation to irrelevant things in the name of African culture and tradition.

Monarch in Africa is use…less to humanity.

This is 2023, we are no longer enslaved people or fugitives in our home country, so I must talk.

Someone should tell the Ooni of Ife to get creative and trend with something better like his young counterpart in saner climes. He was not crowned to come and marry and have sxx’.


Oge Nsimah

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