American Model Bonita Maria Shares Video Of Davido Pleading Amid Tears While On His Knees, As She Denies Involvement In Alleged Davido Photo Scandal

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Bonita Maria, who isn’t one to be intimidated by singer Davido’s legion of fans, has addressed Nigerians with an embarrassing video of the singer.

In the clip that she uploaded on her Instagram page, Davido was seen profusely crying over her as she read the riot act to Nigerians.

By telling them to leave her alone, she let them know that she wasn’t the one sleeping with him. In another post, Bonita stated that she was only trolling because she had nothing to do with the singer.

Bonita added that she doesn’t know Davido and has never met him; hence, she doesn’t understand why people are harassing her.

“All you Nigerian roaches need to leave me alone. I’m not even the one fùcking with that man.

“I was trolling. This Davido situation has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me and I do not know him at all, never met him. You guys were harassing me so I gave y’all something to see”.

This is coming hours after a photo of her in a cozy moment with Davido surfaced online. In the photo, Davido wrapped his ram around her, giving her a peck while she took the picture.

The photo, which she quickly deleted, left many speculating that she was one of the married singer’s numerous side chicks.

Last year, several women came out to share their sexual encounters with the singer, who was supposed to be grieving his late son.

Anita Brown, who was the most popular of the women who called him out, accused the singer of impregnating her.

She alleged that she met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and that it was never a one-night stand, as she shared screenshots of their purported love messages alongside a pregnancy video.

To further prove her allegations, she shared a video of her backstage while the singer sang at one of his shows in September 2018.

She went on to launch several attacks on his wife, Chioma, calling her a walking doormat, and even went as far as launching a campaign for Chioma, calling for her freedom, claiming Chioma was in a toxic relationship and needed to be saved.

Ivana Bay, a Paris entrepreneur, was the second lady to accuse the singer of impregnating her.

She shared screenshots of her alleged correspondence with Davido on Instagram and WhatsApp about her pregnancy and questioned how many baby mamas Davido had, as she wondered if they were up to a soccer team.

Expressing disappointment in him, the real estate agent revealed how the singer tried to force her to sign a confidentiality agreement and offered her N10,000 for it.

Also, Kenyan socialite Pendo Stacy made sensational allegations about her alleged romantic involvement with Davido, revealing her alleged relationship with Davido on a TV program where she displayed Davido’s boxers as evidence of their intimate encounter.

Topping the list was a lady by the name of Chisom, who accused Davido of forcing her to have an abortion with the promise of gifting her N10 million.

However, in a surprising twist, Chisom had tendered an apology to Davido, claiming that she had lost her job and family members following her accusation.

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