Angela Okorie Set The Record Straight As She Shut Down Claim Of Insulting Mercy Johnson’s Husband Issues Message To The Actress

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Nollywood actress and singer Angela Okorie has reacted to claims of insulting her colleague, Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Odi Okojie.

The politician, in defence of his wife, had shared a cryptic post urging the public to check on their loved ones as he noted how mental health is real. The politician stated that there are mad people everywhere.

Angela Okorie went on an Instagram live to rant about it, and many assumed she was insulting the actress’ husband.

However, Angela has shut down the claims, as she questioned why she would insult him when he didn’t do anything to her. Angela set the record straight—she wasn’t talking to him, but to another person.

Issuing a message to Mercy, she told her to refrain from sending retards to reply to her, as she made her aware that she doesn’t care about what netizens think about her.

Okorie reemphasized that Mercy is evil and polluted as she called for prayers for Nollywood.

“Bloggers get your facts right, Mercy’s husband didn’t do me shit, so why should I insult him. I wasn’t talking to him, I was talking about the dik head that said he is a publicist. You know what believe whatever as for Mercy fuk you and your entire Jazz nation. Mercy is dark, period!!

If you like believe if you like frown at what am saying, if you like keep asking dùmb questions like “Is Angela okay? I am okay. Am spiritually and physically alert. If am not okay, I will still let you guys know but for now am chilling fam.

Just pray for Nollywood, that girl Mercy is polluted.

Mercy stop using all these retards to reply me. I don’t care what y’all say, Mercy is evil, she is polluted. If you know you know!!

Pray for Nollywood”.

Over the weekend, Angela dragged Mercy Johnson, stating that it was time for her.

She accused her mother of being a witch and claimed the actress’ mother was fond of tying people’s destinies, and now her mother was dead; Angela questioned what would become of those whose destinies her mother tied up.

She later went on an Instagram Live session with Mercy Johnson’s former best friend, Ifeoma, who called her out for witchcraft and alleged that her late mother was the mastermind.

The lady claimed Mercy was aware of the deaths happening in Nollywood and locked the destinies of the famous music group Style Plus and her colleagues.

On Monday, she resumed dragging her as she alleged that everybody calls Mercy Johnson a witch and noted how over 10 people have accused her of being a witch.

Addressing those criticizing her for dragging the movie star, she let them know that the thunder that would hit them was on its way.

Angela claimed that people would be shocked to know the number of people who are reaching out to her to expose Mercy. Calling her a dark woman, she called for prayers for Nollywood.

Mercy, on her part, has ignored the drama and is focusing on her family. During the weekend, she celebrated her last birthday, Divine’s, and stated that her family was all that mattered.

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