Animal Offical Debunk Story of Elephants That Fell Asleep After Getting Drunk on Wine | Photos

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it was reported back in March that two elephants allegedly got drunk and fell asleep amid the coronavirus pandemic in China.

The creatures got drunk after taking 30kg of corn wine in the Yunnan province of China, according to the unverified story.

Multiple reports claimed a herd of 14 elephants had gone into a village in Yunnan, China, looking for food, and that two of them took a shine to corn wine before curling up for an alcohol- aided snooze at a nearby tea garden.

Photos of the sleeping giant mammals went viral and was widely shared on Twitter.

However, authorities in charge of animal welfare in China has since debunk the story. An official from the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Menghai County is quoted as saying that while elephants did recently walk through a village in the province, their presence is not unusual. And the pictures of the elephants passed out is not the beasts in question.

Though they maintained that the photos does exist, and one of them is said to be linked to a report on how to manage and protect elephants on Yunnan Network, a news website in June 19 last year.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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